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Rozvoj odborných a klíčových kompetencí žáků a studentů zdravotnické školy prostřednictvím odborných zahraničních stáží
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 28 Feb 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of our school is to become modern European school which reflects changes and strategies in the area of education in Europe, and to introduce modern teaching methods and attitudes to education with the emphasis on international cooperation, intercultural relations and development of special and key competences of students.The project realizes international vocational stays of students of these specializations – Nursing assistant, Massage therapist and Registered nurse. These stays take place in Slovakia (Levoča) and in Germany (Berlin). Profiles of the participants:Students of Secondary Medical school from specializations mentioned above aged 17-19 years (3 and 4 grade). 15 students are from the specialization Nursing assistant, 10 from Massage therapist and 3 from Registered nurse, together 28 students.Mobility projects in the Erasmus+ programme allow us to fulfil these long term goals:1. Development of competences of students – special and key competences, including language skills (German, Slovak and English language as well).2. Better employability in European labour market.3. Expansion and strengthening of relationships between partnership schools and organizations.4. Better international acknowledgment of special skills which students obtain during their stays (Europass).5. Support of professional development of teachers and specialists, leading to quality improvements in education and innovations – teachers are actively accompanying students during stays and evaluations.6. Improving knowledge of other countries and cultures, making international relationships, actively connecting to European society and teaching of its identity. The students became familiar with work of people of different countries, cultures, religions etc.Description of activities:The activity is named “Students in vocational education and preparation – stay in organization providing vocational education and preparation”. It is conducted in two European countries (Germany, Slovakia) with two partnership organizations.The stay in Slovakia will take place in different hospital departments and social facilities according to the schedule of special practices of the partnership school, together with its students, teachers and the accompanying teacher. The theoretical education will be carried out in special classrooms of partnership school SZS Štefana Kulberta. 20 students (specialization Nursing assistant and Massage therapist) are going to attend this stay and it will be in two terms – November 2016 and October 2017.The stay in Germany will take place by partnership organization providing education and practices for healthcare (Vivantes – Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH). The students will be together with permanent students in work teams under supervision of authorized staff from partnership organization. The stay will be conducted in two terms – March 2017 and June 2017. There will be 8 students from the specializations Nursing assistant and Registered nurse.After signing the partnership agreement there will be a preparation meeting. The schedule is following:• Specification of the schedule of the stay.• Specification of the contents and gained competences.• Accommodation, catering, insurance, protective working aids, mentoring, specification of the professional supervisors during practices.• Means of transportation.Before departure the students will be instructed about safety regulations and obligatory documents – ID cards, vaccination card, proof of no infection etc.Before departure there will be an information meeting of participants.The greatest benefits are:• Improvement of vocational skills and knowledge.• Development of communicational abilities.• Become familiar with the working place in a foreign country, with the attitude of medical staff to patients and with interpersonal relationships.• Experience the culture and history of Slovakia and Germany.• Making relations between students of all countries and learning about European identity and citizenship.• Improvement of foreign languages.The realization of the project will also have significant impact in the public perception of the school and its activities and improvement of the school prestige and the competitiveness of students.The long term impact is the saturation of healthcare with qualified nurses and masseurs.
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