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Rozhoduj o Európe?
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Dec 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is based on applicant’s experience and knowledge of low awareness and insufficient education of high-school youth (especially at secondary vocational schools) on the European Integration process, particularly in rural areas and towns on periphery. The overall objective of the project is to raise awareness of the European integration and current key questions associated with it, as well as the effort to actively involve the young generation into decision-making process. Both fundamental activities (16 regional seminars and five-day negotiation simulation of the key institution of the EU) enrich the project participants with new experience and information on the functioning of the EU. The involvement in the project gives the participants opportunity to develop their skills by approaching the contacts, reasoning, formulating their personal views and attitudes as well as respecting the opinions of others. The second aim is to develop young people’s interest in participation in the issues of the European integration. A target group is high school students aged 15-18 interested in both key activities. The 16 regional seminars will be attended by approximately 570 students and about 40 students will be involved in five-day simulation. The rest of the project members will be represented by the accompanying teachers, organizers, lectors and specialists in selected topics. The project consists of three workshops (preparation and evaluation of the individual parts of the project, as well as the project as a whole). Key activities: 16 regional seminars composed of an interactive lecture including discussion and simplified simulation of negotiation of a supreme EU institution. Practical demonstration of decision making of the EU institution will allow better understanding of complexity of democratic system and its operations at the European level. The five-day simulation of negotiation of the Council of the European Union will apply the method of learning through play. Selection of participants will be provided after the regional seminars. Afterwards, the 40 participants selected (on basis of their motivational letters) will simulate the negotiations of the EU institution within five days. In the intervening time, their discussions will be influenced by press representatives and lobbyists. The major expectation is to pass the additional information about the EU and politics in general to the active candidates as well as to provide them with the possibility of model simulation of all the aspects and mechanisms used by the EU. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their new knowledge with local and regional politicians.
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