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Routes: Analysis of 20th Century European Migration

The project aims to open a common reflection at European level on the theme ofmigration and integration, experimenting an innovative method of studying the history ofimmigration throughout the XX century. The method will be based on valorising thepotential of new technologies for exchanging and sharing information, for recovering thehistoric memory both of the countries who have seen the arrival of migrants and of thosewho have seen the departure of immigrants in their past.Through the study of the past the project aims to develop educational and trainingpackages addressing transversally the needs of education systems to interpret and dealwith the integration of immigrants in the present.Target Group:– Secondary school teachers and students, facing the challenge of multiculturalclasses.Main activities:- National Workgroups, composed by teachers and pupils of secondary schools,will carry out a historical research to understand the migration phenomenonbased on direct sources (as interviews with eye witnesses, official documents,newspapers etc.). A synthesis of all the main documents, surveys andinterviews will be digitalised, translated in English and made accessible ontothe Routes Portal– The information emerging from the research will be used by the partners todevelop ad hoc educational and training e-learning based packages, one foreach of the target groups, that starting from the understanding of the past,provide best practices to tackle the difficulties of integration of immigrants anda change of perspective leading to consider immigration as a resource and nota problem.– All participants involved in the project will contribute to the creation anddevelopment of the Portal which will be a reference point to carry out thecontent’s development activities, allowing a comparison at European level andwill make available all the e-learning products created during the project.– The educational and training packages developed within the project will betested, involving pilot target groups at national level During the testing phase,the Portal will host a transnational discussion, using the potential of ICT for thecirculation of information (Forum, Blog, Virtual conferences); everybodyinvolved will share their experiences and impressions about the effectivenessof the materials and carry on the reflection on the theme.Expected outputs:– A manual focusing on the social history of immigration highlighting the addedvalues of a multicultural society and the role of schools education in theintegration of immigrants.– A Vademecum focusing on behaviours and attitudes leading to a successfulintegration of immigrants into society.– A survey highlighting the points of strength of the immigration phenomenonand its contribution to the economic and social development of the hostingcountries

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