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Start date: Jan 14, 2013, End date: Jan 13, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In Serbia (area Novi Sad, district Šangaj) repeated environmental monitoring measurements (water, soil, air) are planned. Air, soil, water and urine screening tests would be done among inhabitants. The results of this research would be compared with preceding data of environmental and health screening, which showed elevation. While carrying out Serbian measurements, the Hungarian party would perform identical environmental measurements and population screening as control examinations in similar technological field. As result we expect reduction in environmental pollution and better health indications. The comparison of results of scientific investigations in the two countries would generate further collaboration. The proposed project would be suitable for the assessment of efficacy of change in technology. In Hungary the industrial unit at issue is operating with modern technology according to EU standards, so our project can be of use to support environmentally friendly good practice. The aim of the project is todetect environmentally harmful probable substances in water, air, soil and human samples. Depeding on the materials to be revealed we would like to publish results and iniciate taking the necessary steps at appropriate authorities and get in touch with local residents by health prevention programmes. Above mentioned goal will be reached through out implementation of following activities: Project Management, Opening and Closing Conference, 2 Professional workshops, 2 sampling procedures in SER and in HU (water, air, soil), 1 Comparative analysis, 1 Publication, 1 Round Table, 1 Promotion (2000 leaflets, 10 posters, 1 press conference, 4 TV abstracts, 4 press releases, 10 articles in e-media, 4 radio releases, 2 roll ups). Duration of the project is 12 months Achievements: Hungary has been using green technologies 10 years longer than Serbia, thus Hungarys experiences could greatly facilitate the building of environmental awareness and specific environmental activities in its neighbouring country. The aim of the project was to detect environmentally harmful substances in water, air, soil and in humans. Environmental protection is an imperative of all human endeavours regardless of state borders, as pollution and health hazards have an impact on the population of all affected countries. The partners jointly defined the main directions of the work and upgraded the equipment needed for the research. Environmental monitoring measurements (water, soil, air) were taken in both countries, in Algyo, in Hungary, and in a district of Novi Sad called Šangaj, in Serbia, twice in the spring and autumn. The tests included air, soil, water as well as urine screening tests of the inhabitants. The sampling process involved 150 people in each country. The results obtained in the two countries were compared, and the researchers also compared them with previous data on environmental and health screening. Based on the obtained data, the results were published and the necessary steps outlined for the relevant authorities, stakeholders and policy- makers. The partners presented their results at the closing conference. The main result of the project is better understanding of environmental pollution reduction and its effects on the improvement of health indicators. The data and results obtained in the course of this pro
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