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Roots of Education 4 Sustainable Development
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

REd4SD is the initiative of MC whose aim is to offer links between different roots of education in order to assure sustainable development of the local hosting communities. The project will offer the possibility of youngsters to engage in different forms of non-formal activities in the field of: health issues, cultural and social development as well as personal and professional development. The themes addressed will be: youth participation and involvement in the field of sustainable development of disadvantaged communities by engaging their representatives in actions of prevention and information relating to health education, acquirement of life abilities and competencies, both for personal and professional development as well as intercultural awareness and sharing, knowledge of participating countries. The objectives of the project are: A. Raising awareness among youngsters from the hosting community in connection with health issues; B. Support the employability processes of youngsters from the local hosting community on the labour marker; C. Engage in activities for assuring the prevision and/or diminish of social marginalization, poverty supporting sustainable development in developing countries in connection with EU efforts. These will be achieved by the implementation of: a. public presentations, workshops, games and different activities in connection with health problematic issues in the area (HIV/AIDS prevention, first-aid activities, personal hygiene, nutrition, sexual/reproductive health etc.); b. Developing IT, language, active participation courses (basic PC operating, usage of internet, communication); c. Implementation of different non-formal activities (workshops on dance, theatre, public speaking/debate, out-door/sportive activities, social/cultural events/actions, creative activities etc.) The methods used will be non-formal. 18 EVS volunteers from RO will take part in voluntary stages in Kampala, Jinja and Kabale during a period of 2 months each.
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