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Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In December 2011 a group of EDIW Youth carried out an analysis of social needs in Oviedo, Spain. Four were selected as top priorities: youth unemployment came top in their analysis. The second was high rates of school drop out felt as a decisive point for the future. They also identified lack of social commitment of youth and decided to act upon it, starting a project. Finally, they consider a critical moment for Europe and focalized the need of integration of migrants. In over two years, several steps have been taken by the group. This project: “Roots and Wings” (R&W) addresses these four needs in a small, concrete and pilot form. The social commitment of youth is the articulating backbone. It is from this perspective that they look at the other three and search for answersThis attempt is backed by 2 Universities, one Intergovernmental SE Asian Centre, a Foundation, a European Association and an NGO incorporating the beginning of a SME. The countries involved are Belgium, Italy and Spain where the three social challenges are strongly felt: The three with high numbers of migrants, particularly in recent years, with very high percentages of school drop outs and of unemployment, particularly in the southern countries. The social commitment of the youth has begun with their group analysis of the situation and is followed by three lines of engagement. Besides analysing unemployment and trying to develop the most require competences most of them are involved the integration of migrant families and youth or in the reinforcement of school children. A group of the latter will be involved in a youth workers mobility for two months in The Philippines, where they will have the chance to experience a school for 140 street children- a consolidated project, an emerging project to avoid drops outs from public schools in three run down areas of Manila. This project works through circles: the 6 people who will take part in the mobility are part of a group of youth workers been trained in a number of competences through an on-line course and two intensive experiential training sessions to help in their social commitment and in their employability. This group is made of 32 youth workers two per each of the 14 groups in Europe and 2 in The Philippines, who will be following the course, around 160 young people. They will be using a system of three steps: analysis of the problems, followed by project development and ending in political dialogue. They have been encouraged by new methodologies developing and showing a significant level of success in the integration back in the class of children with difficulty This is particularly evident with the maths one of the highest causes for failure and consequently of drop out.The project intends to improve the competences of the youth workers in intercultural communication and cultural understanding and in collaborative leadership as well as enhancing the lines of work they had selected and were they are giving often

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