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Roma ARTirythm
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Number of participants: 30 participants from 3 countriesProfile of participants: Young people with interest of enriching their knowledge and values. Context of project: Project was created by the initiation of the young people and youth workers with the interest to increase social tolerance and inclusion of Roma group by eliminating the superficial prejudice and stereotypes. The EU’s values are included as the basic pillars of whole program. Methodology: The whole planned program is intertwined with many non-formal methodologies of education, these are ice-breaking activities, energizers but also work in small and large groups. Those activities are base on equality and inclusion of everyone. Group activities improve through art tasks the communication skills, process of cooperation, exchange of knowledge. Key element is to learn to listen and to learn to give: First to eliminate all the prejudice coming from stereotypical thinking and then to be opened for exchange of ideas, the process of dealing, arguing, compromising and ability to say it loudly, to propose and to find solution together. Those are main competences in group management, and organization of projects in any area, not just art project.In ART (music, theater) as a tool serves for participants to learn to observe, to connect, to create, to perceive differently, to compare and to put it together in their new innovative way. This is the process of creative thinking in combination with critical analyzing of surrounding. The themes of art activities are designed to promote, teach and develop values such as acceptance, equality, tolerance, commitment, engagement, care and compassion. It is acknowledging of many cultures that can live together and from diversities create valuable part of every community. During this training participants will acquire a set of skills and competences that will contribute to their interests in cultural diversity contexts where acts of discrimination still occur, human rights are not always respected and democratic values and principles are misunderstood or not put into practice.Objectives: Project activities are base in the city that has long tradition of Roma habitants, and those traditions are accepted as well as appreciate with habitants. City is an example where Roma culture, traditions, habits are preserved within and publicly well known in positive connotation. Environment that is present in city, habitants perception of Roma culture, Roma culture by itself and activates that connects participants with all those elements will have strong effect on their understanding, acknowledging, and truly perceiving with appreciation what Roma culture can contribute and what they can share with majority when we allow it to them (and also to us). Target group that is Roma people will have a bridge toward majority representatives, they will have public space to present their products with others, and they will have a space and chance to eliminate distance that was created between them and other citizens of Europe due to strong discriminations. Out of all projects will use Youth trends to bring closer to participants education (online, videos, interesting projects with art, theater, etc.) and knowledge that will increase their communication skills, their own motivation to continue in studies (in different majors). This project has direct impact on social inclusion of Roma group with their advantages and through their fields of interests (for instance if young person wants to study music, or theater, or medias, etc.). Out of all those with fewer opportunities in education will increase their knowledge including knowledge in English language although there is translator participants will create friendships that require English skills, and also they will break an ice through their communication in working tasks. Strong impact is on participants’ self-esteem, self-expressions, self-respect, and self-development (self-learning processes). What program brings to those with fewer opportunities including Roma group is their need and motivation to learn more, to educate them, to be part of and to contribute with their advantages and traditions. It is mutual process of tolerance and open mind-ness that this program contains by the way how activities are structured.
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