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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Unfortunately, the school in Tuchorza has never participated in any international projects. Many of our students are children from families that have their own farms which are their main source of income. A large number of parents work in local privately-owned companies, which involves flexible working hours. We also teach children from dysfunctional families and if it’s possible, we help them in cooperation with the institutions of the local environment. Unfortunately, the number of students with disabilities increases every year, which requires teachers to continuous improvement of workshop to suit the requirements and methods to the individual student's needs and abilities. The Internet network has only just been modernized in our school and the surrounding villages. In addition to our teaching staff joined the young and creative teachers who are actively working on improving their professional skills, looking for new and interesting ways of teaching, and are open to technical innovations, which offers them the modern world and have the courage and enthusiasm to use them in their work. Now, we have a great time to start the process of changes, which the main aim is to use the conditions we have to give a European character of our institution. Therefore, there came up the idea to integrate teachers of different disciplines and join action to improve the quality of teaching in our school, with particular emphasis on language skills. Then came the idea of supplementing this plan with the European context, and succeeded in designing a project HORN OF PLENTY - UNITY IN DIVERSITY. The aim of the project is widely understood development of our school in the European context. We are focused on the development of language competence of our students and teachers and the modernization of teaching methods used in our school by incorporating elements of foreign language to the process of teaching a variety of subjects. As the consequence of the project activities we will establish cooperation with the institution abroad, as well as give the European dimension of the activities carried out on the spot here. There are planned many initiatives (taken under the influence of teachers’ mobility), whose aim is to promote the knowledge about Europe, to spread the vogue for learning foreign languages and preparing students to function in a multicultural Europe. International cooperation, modern techniques and forms used in the teaching process, Days of Culture, Language Week, the realization of the author's program " HORN OF PLENTY - UNITY IN DIVERSITY" are the initiatives that will change permanently the face of our school and will be a way for students to expand not only the knowledge and skills, but also their horizons. Our basic goals and expectations with respect to initiatives are focused on several issues. The main aim is getting our stutends interested in foreign languages, to raise their motivation for deepen their knowledge and skills in this area as well as to pursue their own interests. What is more we are going to focus on integration of the class teams and making students aware that they are able to present their own skill sets. During the implementation of the projects it is important for us to study the sensitivity, tolerance, compassion, willingness to help and responde to the suffering of another human being, cooperation within the group and with other organizations. During the project the school local elections will be held to familiarize students with the principles of the electoral law and their role in democracy, furthemore, to encourage them to active participation in school life. Moreover it is important for us to allow students the freedom of expression in a democratic system and educate a well informed global citizen. Four teachers have been selected for the training but the whole school community will be included in the implementation of the project. What is more, the entire teaching stuff will benefit from the training because after returnig from the course teachers will lead workshops for their colleagues. Basically we are going to work project method using different multimedia tools. In the sphere of our activities come both pedagogical innovations introduced in the classroom as well as after- school initiatives ( theme events, international cooperation, etc.). The project will modernize our facility, giving it a European character by improving the quality of language teaching, combining language education, arts, humanities and mathematics ( Horn of plenty- unity in diversity ) as well as opening of school to Europe by the establishment of international cooperation. The effect of our actions will be more attractive school eduacation, increase the motivation of teachers and students, which will impact not only on improving the teaching results but also on the abilities of our students who will be better prepared to function in a multicultural Europe.

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