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ROCK & WATER PROGRAM - Psycho-Physical Social Compentency Training
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Recently we have observed violence resulting in death and injury in our schools, violence against women, sexual abuse and rape. In spite of taking every precautions, the solutions to these problems can’t be found. The real matter of these events is that there are some people having weak personality and suppressed emotions and so these situations show that education is very important. When we consider our community in terms of sociology, having regard to %330 increase in using anti depressant, we have take radical precautions to the rising violence in society and insanity. In this matter the most important responsibility belongs to trainers. The fact children spend time from early childhood to young adult in the schools shows that we should give more importance to identity and personality improvement, emotional and psychological improvement, psychosocial improvement rather than schooling. Even if National Education Ministry tries to take every precautions to support development process of children, the studies aren’t efficient because there is always deficiency in highly qualified staff and also common program. In our schools, guidance counselors do their duties in this issue. However, the problems aren’t exactly resolved because there is lack of guidance counselors in some schools and every guidance counselors carry out different methods and techniques. When we look at the personality of students in our schools, we can see people who are diffident, passive, unsocial, irresponsible, unsuccessful in handle violence, incapable of saving themselves against sexual abuse, unable to control anger and improve self discipline. The children growing with these personality problems can commit a crime and be a victim in later years. This desperate situation is the most important factor to prepare the project. It is searched how European countries support their students in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. And ‘Rock and Water ‘Psycho-Physical Social Support Program used in Netherland and in the other 18 countries, is noticed. As schools in the town ‘Çiçekdağı’, we want to grow people who have strong personality, sociology. That’s why, we want to learn Rock and Water Program. The teachers taking part in this program will learn self awareness, emotional awareness, self control, self confidence, physical awareness and power, getting over different form of sexual violence, body language, verbal and non verbal communication, breath power and control, anger control, motivating inner emotions, emotion control and focus. Thanks to this project and program, we will find an opportunity to transfer all the acquisitions to the schools in our town. As a result, we will try to reach our goals in growing people who are self confident, able to solve their problems, sociable and active. In the long run, using information and skill in every grades of education, transferring from generation to generation, we will contribute to the society in growing people who are mental and physical healthy, solve psychological problems, overcome obstacles without violence. In the short run, the participants will get to know Europe Education System and culture. In addition, they will have a chance to improve foreign language. Then if we consider as an institutional and also individual, this project will help our town, schools and students in career development. For that purpose, we will plan to get education about ‘Rock and Water’ in Rotterdam, Netherland in anytime between 24/01/2016 and 06/02//2016, participating 5 teachers from Osman Şevki Primary School, Şehit Öğretmen Bayram Tekin Secondary School and Technical Training High School ( totally 15 teachers).

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