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ROC van Amsterdam International Way Integrated
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ROC van Amsterdam is one of the largest Regional Education Centres in the Netherlands is based in the international Amsterdam area including Schiphol Airport, The Port of Amsterdam, headquarters of international companies and creative industry. ROC van Amsterdam has students and staff of about 150 different nationalities. Over 50% of the students have a non Dutch background. These facts explain the goal we want to achieve by 2020 to become an international institute. ROC van Amsterdam aims to be a 'Podium for Talent' and in its mission statement it is declared that it wants to be the bridge between the potential workforce (all our students) and the demands of the labourmarket. It also aims for improving the quality of the education and to become one of the top five educational institutes within MBO/VET by seeking strengthening the professionalism and working towards excellence in all levels and areas. Internationalisation will help provide the tool for all learners in ROCvA to be internationally and interculturally competent for the global workfield. ROC van Amsterdam would like to provide an added value to its vocational educational programmes by enhancing international mobilities for its learners and staff. It is necessary to achieve a better uderstanding of the educational systems within Europe and by cooperation with institutions and enterprises within Europe share best practices that help to develop personal, generic and professional competences of teaching staff and learners; thus improve the quality of education, the learning - teaching process, internships and thus enhance employability for our learners and staff. International activities are part of the Team Plans, so form and integral part of the complex educational programme. Erasmus+ KA1 is about mobilities so most of the activities planned are student and staff mobilities. Individual mobilities, internships, study programmes, language courses, job shadowing, study exchanges will have been offered and organised by ROCvA for all its students and teachers on a decentralised level by the internship coordinators and Programme Teams of the ROCvA MBO Colleges. Next to that general flow of mobilities ROCvA has a renewed interest in internationalisation, already has about 400 students at the moment following international bilingual programmes. Individual mobility, internships for them are important to integrate their knowledge into an international, European experience by living and working in a foreign country. The staff working within the bilingual courses need to be multilingual and must have higher than average language skills to be able to teach in a foreign language. They also need to know the education system and culture of the relevant other country, so trainings, job shadowings, study exchange, teaching/training experiences etc. are essential for them to be able to improve and develop themselves in their jobs. Activities are planned for staff already working with international programmes but also for the planned new bilingual courses for the creative programmes already mentioned, Art and Design, Dans, Hospitality, International Jean School and Make-up Art. Activities are planned in the field of sustainable tourism and hospitality etc. programmes for teams offering these educational programmes, and are willing to have it integrated into their every day work to improve the quality of work and learning. Next to that study career coaches (SLB) of the Programme Teams need to get a better understanding of the international possibilities and need to develop a more international character to be competent to bring that element into their work and be able to prepare learners for a greater variety of international, European pathways in further education. Through Internationalisation@home, EU citizenship should be promoted by them as well through internships, trainings, foreign experiences, exchanges, virtual international classrooms etc. Multilingualism should improve within ROCvA and even Management Teams will take up language trainings to enhance their skills and competences and motivate their staff by giving a good example! The project will stimulate and add value to the cooperation within the EU vocational qualifications, VET providers and between small and medium size enterprises. It will support the implementation of best practices for the educational programmes and internships by exchange of experiences; special emphasis regarding quality assurance. The most important impact is to improve the quality of mobilities on a European level, and on national and institutional level as well. Through successful mobilities new sets of skills and competences will be obtained by all the participants, learners and staff, and a new way of thinking will have an added value to the personal and professional development of all the participants. The focus will be to gain new competences and be a better professional by that. (vakmanschap!)
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