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Robotik ve Biyomekatronik Eğitim Teknikleri ve Araçları. Robotics and Biomechatronics Training Techniques and Tools.
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project theme which is about Biyomechatronics and Robotic Technology in Industrial Automation, covers teachers from Hürriyet Technical and Vocational high school in Industrial Automation Technology department, Festo Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. (FESTO Turkey), Technical Training Foundation (TEKEV), Kayseri National Educational Directorate, Tekirdag Çerkezköy OSB Private Anatolian Technical high School, Kayseri Private Vocational Training center, Technological Education Development Foundation (TEGEV), Konya Selcuklu Adil Vocational and Technical High School, a private high school in Tekirdag Cerkezkoy OSB Technically Anatolia, Bursa Ataturk Vocational and Technical High School, Denizli - Honaz - 75th Year Special Provincial Administration Vocational and Technical High School, Konya Adil Karaagac Vocational and Technical High School, a private Tekirdag Cerkezkoy OSB Technicall Anatolia high school, Bursa Ataturk Vocational and Technical High School, Denizli - Honaz - 75th Year Special Provincial Administration Vocational and Technical High School and Festo Industry and Trade INC (Festo Turkey). The General Directorate of Technical Education for boys in Turkey and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) founded an Anatolian Technical high school in the field of Industrial Automation Technologies in Kayseri Hürriyet Technical and Vocational high school between 2001 and 2006.36 teachers and educational staffs from 10 different institutions and 6 cities will participate in this Project.They will specialize in Biyomechatronics and Robotic Technology, automation field in Vocational schools and University . They will experience the Biyomechatronics and Robotic Technology equipments , get training in this field in the highest level and these participants will lead the other staffs in this field in their instituitions. Automation; is a work which is being shared between Human Being and machines. If the manpower is being used in higher percentage in the work, it means the automotion systems are in half automotions; If the the machines are being used in higher percentages , it means the system is in full Automations.It is obligatory to use Automation to produce the productions fast, in standarts and secure. Mechatronics; is synergistic combination of machine, electronical and computer systems; Its function is about a branch which is based on integration of the computer and software technology and develope products which set up the products of process and systems. And Biyomechatronics is a sub-domain of Mechatronics engineering which is related to byology,mechanic, electronical and computering science.The institutions which the beneficiaries of the Project are working have Automation , Mechatronics and Robotics laboratories. This laboratories had been created with a big amount of costs. The laboratories of the coordinator school- Hürriyet Technical and Vocational high school- are equipped by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and UMEM(Specialized Vocational Training Centers) and with the projects funds. There is a strong need to update the educational staffs’ knowledge and experiences of high technological systems, transfer the latest developments in this field to their institutions, organisations in industrial sector and universities. We have cooperation with Festo/Didactic GmbH&Co.KG in Denkendorf(Esslingen)/Germany. We conclude that it will be beter to continue our Project as a staff educational mobility in abroad (VETPRO) according to our objectives and priorities. The participants will have the training in the following areas in Festo/Didactic GmbH&Co.KG;-The applications area of Mechatronics and its meaning,- Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems-Robots-Industrial Communication Systems- Biyomechatronics And Robotic Systems And Applications- Biyomechatronics And Robotic technological system modulles which are developed in R & D department. There is going to be a development in Biyomechatronics And Robotic technology which is a new in our country. So the controle on Human behavious, orthotics-prosthetic and movement supporters designs, the rehabilition of people who has body disorders, interface design, biological and mechanical sensor development,external skeletal robot, gait analysis, electrical stimulation, artificial organs, biological signal processing…etc will be developed and studied in R & D department in our Universities. The development of Biyomechatronics And Robotic acceleration will be provided effectively in Turkey. The Project mobility will take place in Denkendorf(Esslingen)/Germany in Festo/Didactic GmbH&Co.KG between 15/01/2017-28/01/2017 for fourteen days. The schools and universities are on midterm Vacation thats why the Project will be successfully accomplished as there will be no obstackles for education.
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