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Road to the Union
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: May 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Road to the Union" is a project of 24 months aims to provide EVS experience for two Polish volunteers in Armenia. The Sending organisation is Piaskowy Smok, who will assume the role of coordinating organsation as well. The volunteers will implement their Service in Benevolent Union for Polish Cooperation Polonia. The organisation works with the representatives of Polish community in Armenia. The Receiving Organisation has a many-years experience with the short- and long-term volunteer that acted as an impulse to create the project. The activities will take place mostly in Yerevan, Armenia and aim to fulfill the objectives of the project, including improvement of the participant's active participation in the society and entrepreneurship, enhancing his command of foreign languages and contributing to the notion of learning as a whole and raising awareness of different cultures and nations, on European values and common concepts. The activity involves two participants from Poland. The volunteers are to be interested in working with the minorities and be willing to propose activities to the sake of community. These factors combined with his high motivation to work in an international environment are considered a perfect fit for the project and the proposed project should fit the volunteer's expectations and benefits to his lifelong learning process. Bearing that in mind the first volunteer has been selected and that will be the guideline to select the second one as well. The methodology to work with the volunteer is crafted in a way to allow him a place for reflection and self-assessment and by that the better outcomes of the experience. Having professionals working with him throughout the project is considered to have a valuable input. As main methods are foreseen troubleshooting and reflection sessions that are to aid the volunteer to analyse his ideas and suggestions and to document his achievements that will later on be tailored in youthpass and reference letters to be available in the future. The impact of the project is foreseen to cover various levels: from local impact on the organisation and its clients, through the personal and professional development of the volunteers, to the European and international effect of raising awareness and promoting of the important notions of, among others, values, principles of non-formal education and volunteering. The latter is important also as a foreseen multiplier effect and follow-up of this project: the presence of the volunteer will give the clients of organisation first-hand information of the perks and importance of volunteering and will motivate them to join such an initiative as well.

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