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RISKCOM – Training and Certification in Risk Communication Skills for Civil Servants

The project directly targets public officials and civil servants at national and local levels who might, at any time of their career, be concerned with risk communication activities and situations; they may have the concrete needs to communicate with the public or with the media about risk or crisis situations (emergency issues such as local epidemics, major road accidents, fires of chemical substances, floods, generic or specific threats to public health) and their handling of the communication parameters of the crises affects directly the gravity of the impact. The project therefore addresses the objective of training to key communicative competences the staff of public institutions. The partners plan to 1) realise a field research and analysis with the aim of identifying the needs; 2) develop testing materials with the aim of producing the certification scheme; 3) elaborate the training materials; 4) design and develop a full certification system that will offer training modules with the aim of fostering the key skills in risk communication, and of awarding certificates. The original contribution of the proposal in the field of training also supports different objectives of the Copenhagen declaration: a) to develop a Europass single framework for transparency, b) to develop a European common quality assurance framework for VET as well as a cooperation framework; c) to strengthen policies, systems and practices for lifelong guidance; d) to strengthen the European dimension of VET.
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