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Rio+us - The youths' reflections and reactions to Rio+20 Conference outcomes
Start date: 01 Nov 2012,

This could be ä question asked by the younger generation during and after the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 in Summer 2012.In Rio+us youths from Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Greece, Italy and Germany "translate" the outcomes of the Rio+20 Summit into the youth cultures and thereby set the base to sensitize other youths on aspects of global change and complex issues like climate change and deliver precise options for action, opportunities to take up citizenship towards a sustainable lifestyle.Through self-directed and self-oriented learning and an adequate and strategic use of communication formats for young people, the participants will not only empower themselves but also claim to take up leadership towards their share of responsibility for the future with regard to the Rio+20 outcomes and ongoing-threats-such-as-Glimate-change^-They-will-henGe-demonstrate-the-great-relevance-of-the-outGome-of Rio+20 summit for the younger generation and the need to build up the shaping competences to be ready for transformation processes in the near future.The action will reach the objectives by following five major steps which are embedded in two international encounters in Chile and Germany:» Research and mapping of the outcomes of Rio+20 Conference» Critical reflection and action incentivesв Translation of 1+2 into language, aesthetics and metaphors of the global youthв Participatory production of action-oriented communication formatsи Strategic dissemination through viral channels, conquering of web 2.0 platforms By doing this, they are building up a think tank of youths for youth cultures reflect on and sensitize about the issues of sustainable development. This will be done by making use of a strategic mix of new media elements: time and place independent internet tools to sensitize and to do agenda setting, obviously also with impacts on policy and the non-virtual spaces. The youths will demonstrate that they themselves are the "digital natives" and have all necessary skills to become web and sustainability experts in their youth cultures. Ultimately■ Dynamic weblog with 120 articles: sets of texts, embedded audio- and video products, photos, links, literature base■ Rio+us Storify - Mix-Media Story on Rio+20■ Learning DVD, containing all audiovisual products,■ 10 learning modules on Rio+20 issues and communication techniques/competences■ Virtual conference a) to present the results of the critical reflection on Rio+20; b) to present the deductions for opportunities to act for youths and to present the audiovisual products■ 12 empowered youths with increased leadership and shaping competences for global changeβ Increased visibility of Rio+20 issues and outcome on formats used by younger generationsв 60 sensitized / empowered peers■ 10.000 youth directly reached and sensitized through web 2.0 dissemination work" 60.000 youth indirectly reached (click through, video platform access (e.g. youtube), facebook use
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