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Rights for young
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Aug 9, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the the objectives proposed of the association when establishment was to promote human rights among young people. Thus one of the first activities of the association has been organizing information campaigns on human rights among young people. In 2013, promotion campaign of human rights led to the organization of a symposium entitled "The young Romanian, a European citizen" and attended high school students. In this symposium, the organizers (association members) found that young people do not have basic knowledge about human rights, do not know what to do when these rights are violated. For how many more young people have access to information on human rights association volunteers searching new ways to promote, both nationally and internationally. Thus was born the project which aims to collect four groups of young people of different nationalities, who during the eight days to acquire the necessary knowledge in the most important human rights and the following exchange activities to achieve a brochure (printed and electronic) containing information about the project conducted and information on human rights and how they can defend their rights. This brochure we want to provide young people, NGOs and local authorities to increase access at dates to youth. Therefore, this project is a multilateral youth exchange, under the Erasmus + programme. Project activities will be attended by 24 young people aged between 18 and 25 years, coming from Romania, Latvia, Turkey and Italy. Of these 24 young people, eight of them will come from disadvantaged backgrounds in economic and / or social. Youth will participate in activities that are based on non-formal and informal learning approaches such as discussion, presentation, creativity stimulating games, role playing, knowledge games, intended to make young people acquire various skills communication, teamwork, creativity and knowledge of human rights. To achieve these results, the project promoters have established the following main objectives of the project: 1. Increased information about human rights among the 24 young people, aged between 18 and 25 years, coming from Romania, Latvia, Turkey and Italy over a period of eight days; 2. Making brochure entitled "Rights for young" which will include information on Erasmus Plus, project in progress and most important information on basic human rights, within two months of completion of exchange activity in language English; After the main activity, promoters will work on a brochure entituled "Rights for young" which will contain details of the Erasmus+, details of partner organizations and details of human rights. This brochure will be behind the organization of the workshop to be attended by representatives of the target group in order to increase the level of information on human rights. The anticipated impact of the promoters: 1. Target group: reducing human rights violations among young people; 2. On society: reducing level of corruption. Brochure carried out after main activity will contain methods used in the main activity, methods based on non-formal and informal education and that once made public can be adopted by NGOs interested in working with young people and promote human rights.

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