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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our society is rapidly changing. Also education faces major changes.Teachers of the Regenboog will actively initiate to guide this process. This will be a big challenge, because this is a new development for us. An important part of our education system is working with "Core reflection". Here we make the students aware of their own capabilities and those of others.Also a learning attitude encouraging investigation is very important for us. Science and Technology is suitable to arouse curiosity and to learn how to draw and carry out your research. Knowing your own capabilities and knowing your investigative approach will help students to take responsibility for their own learning in order to control their own development. Becoming aware of your identity in a European context is promoted by learning about other cultures and working practices. Also, learning a foreign language is important herein.This past school year, two teachers from de Regenboog have gained some experience in the European network the Voices. Now, we have carried out two projects in different groups of students. We have experienced that we can learn a lot from other schools from different countries and that participating in projects has high added value for our education.In drafting our strategic development we have concluded that this European commitment has to be structurally embedded into our education. For this, we want to set up the project RIE (Regenboog in Europe).This project has multiple objectives:1. Teachers should understand that in Europe there is many quality available which we can discover and use to be implemented into our situation in order to improve our quality of teaching. We would like to gain knowledge and experience on "Passend Onderwijs (Inclusive education) en Opbrengst Gericht Werken (settings goals to improve education)". We like to discuss with other teachers from other European schools how to use the European knowledge to give our students the best possible base for their future.2. We also like to share, not only gathering. We want to inspire teachers to use their skills, knowledge and experience to exchange information of "Kernreflectie (Core reflection) " and the "Zorgroute (a structured way to help pupils in need)" to teachers within Europe.3. Structural embedding the exchanging of information between European teachers and pupils in our educational system. This can be achieved by implementing a good network and by taking part in projects in a structural way. 4. Improving communication skills of teachers in the English language.5. Improving our educational system, which benefits our pupils.6. Gaining knowledge and experience by establishing a valuable network which we can share with other schools of Marcant-BSV.We have planned the following activities to achieve this:1. October 2016: the schoolleader and one teacher will join the ESHA conference in Maastricht, Netherlands.2. October 2016: the schoolleader and two teachers will join the conference in Enschede, Netherlands.3. November 2016: four teachers will carry out research activities at the university and primary schools in Sweden. They will present information about "Kernreflectie". 4. January 2017: two teachers will join the conference Science and Technology (BETT) and visit primary schools that already are familiar with this in London, England.5. March 2017: two teachers will join primary schools in Barcelona (Spain) to see their projects and to set up new projects.6. May 2017: two teachers will join the conference in Graz, Austria.7. October 2017: 4 teachers will carry out research at the university and primary schools in Denmark. They will present information about the "Zorgroute op de Regenboog".The target of the RIE project is that the experience gained will lead to improvements in our educational system.With these new inputs we can adjust our strategic development more suitable for the education of the future.From the RIE project the pupils will benefit most. From the beginning of the project, they will participate and frequently come into contact with pupils from other European countries. By doing this, they will see some differences but also many similarities. In a pleasant and educational way, they work towards their citizenship and become acquainted with other cultures in order to develop their own European identity.

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