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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

During the years of our work, we have recognized few important problems in our society. One of problems that our project was focusing on is lack of physical activities and social interaction of youth COUSED by too much using IT, gadgets, mobile phone and social networks. CONSEQUENCE of this is social estrangement and deviation in behaviours of young people. We created & implemented this project in order to improve situation in this field. Our organization is organizing bicycle events for last 4 years, but some of our project stuff has experience in organization and competition on bike events in Croatia with tradition longer than 20 years. As we are semi-professionals in bicycling we have insight in cycle situation and we understand the needs of younger population.Through Youth exchange in Samobor - Croatia we have included young people who are physically or socially inactive into outdoor and socially interactive activities / events which have motivated them be more active in this field. We have do this by promotion of healthy life styles and grassroots sports through using bicycle as a tool for inclusion / motivation of young people who aren’t physically active or in which cultures / countries bicycling in not developed. In line with that was our MAIN GOAL: To promote bicycling as excellent option for consumption of healthy life style and to create a tool / program for activism, volunteerism and inclusion of young people.Specific goals where:- To support mobility / mutual cooperation among European youth and promotion of European values;- To exchange our experiences / good practice in project topic;- To encourage YP to use gained skills as a tool for further activism;- To promote healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities in nature and bike as main traffic vehicle.We have used non-formal methods of learning such as: oral presentation, practical presentation-learning by doing, work in whole group / small groups, icebreakers, outdoor activities, simulation (driving polygon), exercises etc. Further we have work on topics like position of cyclist in traffic, benefits in health, transportation, safety riding, basic repairmen’s and other.We have included 30 young people, 6 group leaders and 4 project stuff member from 6 countries listed here: Croatia, Egypt, France, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey.Results where:- Increased mobility and cooperation of young people;- Young people motivated for further activism;- Created one short motivation movie;- Promoted bicycling as valuable transport and health option;We expect long term benefit from work of this activity. In meanwhile we will be preparing new bike projects and include new people / partners in this topic.

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