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Riaďme školu excelentne
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The applicant for the project is ZŠ Komenského Street 6, Stará Ľubovňa, which is the largest school in the city. Currently, the school has 582 students and the assumptions are that the number of students has an increasing tendency. Educational process is provided by 66 employees. As the representants of educational facility, we are trying to make the process of managing our school effective, so we are able to sustain the situation in competitive environment regarding providers of elementary education in our town. In this year, we managed to enrol in the first year the highest number of students among 5 elementary schools in Stará Ľubovňa. Although, this is the evidence of our quality, we still feel highly responsible for the enhancement of our weak spots; also we feel the urge to use all of the available opportunities for our further development in the area of management. One of the ways to achieve this, is focusing on the evaluation of current management and complex activities of the school, and learning how to assess using measurable qualitative and quantitative indicators. School, as the public institution, needs to improve its image regarding quality and effectiveness of management and providing services for its clients (pupils and their parents, other organisations). The present managerial approach brings great results, however we are aware that managing higher number of employees in various divisions requires establishing of the basic fundamentals in larger scale, including co-operation, self-assessment, responsibility. Moreover, to achieve the goal of the organisation it is necessary to propose several possible solutions which are fitting the given situation. We are given the chance to attend a course focusing on the evaluation of the quality in managing the organisation, which is represented by the method „EFQM – excelentné riadenie“applied on the educational facilities. The goals of the project are: Implementation of the excellent management at our school, which will result in more effective management of our school by the multilateral interaction of the employees and clients (pupils, their parents and the other organisations). This will lead to the improvement of the educational process, which will be reflected on the results of our pupils, in the satisfaction of our employees and in the interaction of our pupils, teachers, parents and other institutions. We chose the company Eurofortis IT as a project partner which was offered by the course focused on the give method „EFQM – excelentné riadenie“. It is a professional organization, providing „knowhow“ in the area of further improvement of effectiveness of school management, using method Excellence EFQM. Course is designed in a way so the method „Excellence“ is understandable and easily applicable on the educational facility. Theory is combined with practical team activities. The project will consist of 12 participants of the foreign mobility in the structure of: 2 non-pedagogical and 10 pedagogical employees. For the successful and smooth realisation of the project, there will be a project team consisting of a project manager and a financial manager. Each of the members will have certain competency, duties and responsibility, and they will work together. The project consists of 1 key activity – foreign mobility for 12 participants in Latvia in the city of Riga. The mobility will last 7 days (the exact date is scheduled by the provider of the course). Partners of the project will communicate via e-mail. Impact on the participants of the mobility: - they will be encouraged to establish „Excellence“ methods in their educational environment - they will understand the idea of the mode Excellence EFQM and its utility in the European schools - they will know how to manage systematically and structural process of self-evaluation at their school - they will know how to evaluate their own school using the tool GOA-WorkBench® - they will know how to use various supportive techniques and methods „Excellence“ - they will know how to work with the results of self-evaluation and use them in their expansion plan - they will be skilled due to direct contact with other schools, elite European experts and communication with schools which use the method Excellence for a couple of years - they will have the ability to manage a systematically and professionally managed process of self-evaluation by using all of the following steps: identifying of priorities, planning of the development - they will have the ability to use a several methods and techniques, which are suitable for a development of a school - they will have the ability to interpret a various forms of the application of the Model Excellence in Europe and also further initiatives for implementing quality such as ECVET and so on - they will have the ability to self-evaluate using the tool GOA-WorkBench Impact on the targeted groups: - the enhancement of the quality of educational process.

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