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Revista IES Biel Martí
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Preparation of a trilingual school magazine The project has as a main objectives to improve the linguistic competence of our students and opening our centre to the outside, boosting not only the knowledge of the context that surrounds us, but also the contact with other realities out of the island. Our proposal goes directed to use the subjects of Spanish language, English language and Catalan language to create a magazine done by the students of 2nd course at secondary school using the three languages with more presence in the island: the Catalan, the Spanish and the English. This will require a previous coordination task of the teachers in their departments. As the Government of the Balearic Islands cancelled the PTIL (Integrated Treatment of Languages Program), the centre does not offer any subject in English, with the exception of the areas of this language. This project would reinforce the presence of the English language and at the same time would work in one of the main aims in the school by the Plan of Promotion of the Reading in our centre. We'd like to improve the linguistic competence of the students, because is one of the most important deficiencies detected by the professionals in secondary school nowadays. To carry out this magazine is necessary to reinforce the teacher's competence in English . Students will work with writings, audiovisual, etc., in Spanish, Catalan and English and a third part of the magazine will be written in English. It would be also necessary a training in the use of the new technologies because they can use multiple resources (twitter, youtube, facebook, blogs...) in the research, creation and diffusion of the journalistic texts. The magazine will be also published in digital edition. Finally, all this project of preparation of a school magazine is focused to the participation in the program “eTwinning” for the exchange of experiences and methodologies with other educational centres of the European countries, especially, those centres that have English as a vehicular language, and teach Spanish as a foreign language. Our teachers should have a good working knowledge in English in order to communicate properly to their mates in the other schools, via emails, Skype, etc. The profits that we pursue on a long-term basis are: a) Regarding the students: a greater motivation of the students through a different methodology, his implication in the cooperative work, his knowledge of different languages and cultures, his implication in a very practical project of big diffusion. b) Regarding the teachers: his enlargement of knowledge and experiences, his taking of contact with other educational systems and other methodologies, his approach to the new technologies applied to the education. c) Regarding the school: his approach to the families and the surrounding reality, the collaboration between departments, the continuous teacher training, his opening to the outside and the participation in European programs like the “eTwinning” program or the exchange of students.
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