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Reviewing HRE Practice in Youth Work
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

Global economic crisis, rising unemployment, civil unrest in Europe, Middle East and North America have brought new challenges for Human Rights Education. The concept of Human Rights has been criticized from different directions and perspectives. Can we afford Human Rights? Can they offer responses to contemporary challenges young people face? How do we adapt HRE to new realities? These are the questions this training aims to address.This tc aims to exchange experiences and good practice and develop competencies of youth workers in the field of Human Rights Education at national, regional and European level and to enable them to act as trainers or multipliers for human rights education, especially through national or regional seminars and local pilot projects.The tc is designed to give participants the opportunity to experience and reflect upon activities and concepts central to human rights education based on experiential learning approaches. The course is also designed as a mutual learning situation, where participants can compare their approaches to training and to human rights education across Europe in a dialogical intercultural approach and environment.The seminar will bring together 33 participants from 11 of countries. It will be hosted in Pogradec, in Albania, between 21-27 March 2013.
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