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Return to the Past
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Return to the Past is an International Youth Exchange that will actively involve 30 young people for 7 days in Pizzo. Pizzo is famous for the ancient crafts and tradition, will be the ideal setting for an exchange on this issue. In addition, it will be an excellent opportunity for local people to deal with young people from different European countries. Youth Exchange in Calabria are not so common, but our local council has a lot of interest in doing different youth activities.The project will develop themes concerning traditional jobs, from a cultural point of view and from historical as well. The participants, aged 16-19, come from Italy and Latvia. Return to the Past wants to give youngsters the opportunity to learn that old crafts is not just past, but it is a real and important dimension of cultures. Moreover the ancient crafts are also seen as a form of possible use against the phenomenon of unemployment. Rediscover the ancient crafts, also focusing on innovation, is an important measure against the plague of youth unemployment and helps hand made products that have all characteristics to remain on the market, as also stated by several Confartigianato in Italy. Understanding traditions is important to keep rich our own identity and to develop old job potential in Europe. Appreciating crafts means to develop culture and job opportunities. The goal of this exchange is to bring closer the young people to the ancient crafts. An important part of the exchange will be devoted to the explanation of how to create new micro and small enterprises in Italy and Latvia. For this session we will ask the help of the Europe Direct di Gioiosa Jonica, Association of Artisans of Vibo Valentia with regard to Italy, the same will be true for the Latvia partner who will provide the materials in English with regard to the Latvian situation. Activities will help participants both to know more about cultural backgrounds of other countries and their linkage with old crafts, but also to learn from each other how to preserve them in different ways. The youngsters will take part in activities based on non formal learning (learning by doing). During workshops participants will also have the opportunity to compare each other and their culture with the aim to break stereotypes through role play games, discussions, workshops.The working method will leave a lot of space to the individual, and that is why it will be very flexible, in order to bring into action their skills and share them with others by practicing cooperative learning, useful to promote the personal development of the participants, who will not live a passive experience, but they will be the protagonists, The young participants will have the opportunity to discuss the different traditional crafts, that will be source of curiosity, history and culture. The ancient crafts will become a tool for dialogue and active topic of discussion. Our objectives in education and training relating to the project are: - knowledge of ancient crafts and traditions of all the participating countries; - promotion of local traditional crafts (province of Vibo Valentia); - promotion of the area; - understanding of the socio-cultural changes and their effects on people, property and shares; - knowledge and enhancement of social, cultural and economic rights of the territory; - knowledge of "Ancient Art" and comparison with those of today. - eco-friendly craft products Participants will learn, on a European scale, to integrate and work together confronting to each other about the topic of the project: culture, work and traditions. They will have the opportunity to understand and learn about other countries. The evolution of the forms of culture, customs and traditions, likes and dislikes, meetings and clashes, will be a way to know and learn. They will also be encouraged to work together in intercultural teams. The impact that this will have on the participants will have long-term effects due to the methodology used, the experiential learning, in particular learning by doing.

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