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Retirement - a sense of purpose through an intercultural dialogue

Title of the project: Retirement - a sense of purpose through an intercultural dialogue (RE.S.P.I.D)The main objective of the project was to bring together Municipalities and Community Councils from different European countries in order to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge for the welfare of elderly people. Throughout the duration of this project, seminars, lectures and workshops were organized to increase the knowledge of those who were responsible for the development of the towns and for those who were committed to the wellbeing of retired/elderly people in each town, to give them the opportunity of using their life experience for the benefit of successive generationsThe partner Municipalities/Community Councils mobilized staff, learners, elected persons and other relevant people from associated partners; this enabled a comparison of policies which were related to retired/elderly people. All partners investigated also retired people’s needs using the same questionnaire, and all partner organizations worked together developing projects in order to give those in retirement a sense of purpose. During the project meetings the Communities were organized seminars and entertainment for retired and elderly people. They organised lifelong learning schools for elderly people. Priority was given for those with special needs. Elderly people in each community worked together with those of other partner communities to publish newsletters, books with traditional myths, CDs with traditional songs of each town, traditional recipes – all to cover the towns included in the project.
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