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RETHINK - Reform of Education THru INternational Knowledge exchange
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

RETHINK is an idea for new Curricula, a plan for connecting HEIs to the world of business/industry, and a wish for a better ENVIRONMENT.The project intends to establish connections, strengthen educational/cultural/business bridges and to construct a common language on the sphere of Higher Education and Society- under the theme of ENVIRONMENT (a priority).The RETHINK project intends to develop and offer its students 2 Joint Degrees: 1- Architecture/Urban Planning and 2- Climate Engineering/Environmental Sciences (Masters & PhD degrees).The 2 Degrees will encompass a “CO2THINK” component and an "Innovation/Entrepreneurship" component within a transdisciplinary framework. By refocusing the role of planning regarding CO2 emissions and CO2 management, RETHINK's new Curricula aims at contributing to global warming mitigation and to the reduction of Green House Gases.Education has its role in promoting social behaviors that will promote sustainability, thus the project intends to RETHINK educational Curricula and to take a proactive attitude towards teaching future generations the ability to manage the apparent conflicting interests between environmental sustainability and business.RETHINK is divided in 8 work packages: WP1– Aims at SWOT analysis of PC and EU HEIs’ existing Curricula, programming further activities.WP2– Will RETHINK Curricula for Architecture/Urban Planning Degree.WP3– Will RETHINK Curricula for Environmental Sciences/Climate Engineering Degree. WP4– Upgrade cluster - aims at upgrading PC HEIs English language skills, modernize their technical base/teaching materials/training methods.WP5– Quality Statute will set the quality plan and check the project’s quality performance.WP6– Expand RETHINK aims at setting the dissemination strategy.WP7– Exploitation&Sustainability aims at developing new projects and extending RETHINK's life-span. WP8– Administration&Management will develop the strategy for the successful project implementation.

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