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Responsible Industries of the Mediterranean (RIMED)
Start date: Mar 31, 2009, End date: Sep 29, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For centuries the Mediterranean has been characterised for its important industry and trading sectors and has been considered the cradle of the civilisations whos main activity is the commercialisation and exchange of products that are produced in Mediterranean countries. But in the latest decades the tourism and services sectors have grown to be much stronger than these traditional sectors. In some regions these traditional sectors have even disappeared or have become residual activities. This problem has been increased for the each more competitive and globalised world. RIMED project intend to improve and support the economic, technological and organisations potential in order to achieve a higher level of competitiveness, development, sustainability and growth lasting in the future creating, on the other hand an Industrial model to introduce the principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility in enterprises in order to make the Mediterranean a more competitive area based in the knowledge, innovation and sustainable and social development, in order to achieve some of the principles of the Lisbon Agenda and therefore, creating more and better jobs. For achieving these aims, the involvement of politicians and decision-makers will be an important tool to impact on public policies regarding industrial sector and CSR, and on the other hand the involvement of public an private bodies will be basic for the establishment of an European strategy. Achievements: State of the art of project implementation since the project startThe main result of the RIMED project is the achievement of an international engagement that generated enthusiasm and opportunity among the organizations involved contributing to the development of an increasingly responsible competitiveness and, of course, to the promotion of a collective well-being, only creating -virtuous circles-, where every player involved faces up to its own responsibilities in the Mediterranean region and beyond. RIMED project strongly contributed to obtain these results producing a set of deliverables that will represent useful tools that may be contribute to systematize the approach to CSR. The RIMED apporach to CSR is based on the following deliverables: -Guidelines for Responsible SMEs -CSR certificate -Corporate Social Responsibility action 3.2 (methodology) -From methodology to pilot project (strategy) -Audit checkgrid -Newsletter -RIMED website Following this strategy it will be possible to introduce CSR principles into companies and enterprisesLatest project activities and outputs1) A group of companies has been selected and before starting the audit phase, the existence of previous CSR instruments or practices has been verified through a self-assessment questionnaire based on Key CSR indicators included into the Audit check-grid specifically delivered during the previous components. 2) Each partner has conducted audit activities within each company involved into the pilot tests. Such audits have been arranged as -learning by doing- activities. 3) Following the implementation of the pilot-projects, it was possible to collect general remarks and conclusions in a final document (Final report about CSR monitoring into the enterprises), in which have been explained all the results obtained during the experimentation. 4) At the end of the pilot project each participating company received a CSR certificate aiming to give an award to companies for having fully implemented the CSR best practices defined in the CSR methodology and guidelinesNext key steps for the projectProject has been completed, so that no added actions will have to be taken
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