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Respect, Speech, Values, Past – YES
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EU Member States are currently dealing with a difficult time – every day thousand of people are escaping the war zones and coming to Europe hoping to find a safer place where to live. Last year, 1,321,560 people requested asylum in the European Union countries ( and more people have come to Europe illegally. We know these people as refugees and the situation as refugee crisis. In particular, this concept has been widely made known in the media, which are recorded on the basis of the crisis and which shapes our opinion about the situation. Young people are also affected by refugee crisis – for example media creates a vision tou s that when refugees arrive to our country soon we will lose our nation and mother land. On the other hand they say that we should be tolerant and respectful because in the past our ancestry were also redugees. We want to understand what are the real causes of refugee crisis and what is happening in other European countries where the refugees have already reached or has lived for many years with other cultures. Simply rely on media outlets and Facebook posts doesn’t help us to understand the real situation and we therefore deem it important to get together with people from different countries and to discuss the topic seriously.The "RSVP YES" goals are:- To increase awareness about refugee crisis.- To develop youngster’s ability to argue about the topic relying on trustworthy information and to respect diferent opinions.- Improving attitudes to others and differences we all have.- Developing International cooperation and teamwork-skills. During the project activities participants will work in International groups so they will improve their teamwork-skills besides with tolerance and self-expression skills.In this youth exchange project there will be 38 participants from seven countries (Estonia, Turkey, Romania, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria). Participants are aged 18-26 years and seven of them will be group leaders. We will include 16 youngsters with fewer opportunities.The applying organisation is in heavy contact with the partners. All the group leaders took part of the process of creating the daily program. The applying orgasnisation focuses on the contentment of the partners, giving them an opportunity to organise, carry out and influence the activities of the project. In addition to that, the applying organisation provides advice and necessary information. Though-out the project, the aim of the project is emphasised.By the end of the project participants will prepare a shortfilm to share what young people across the Europe think about the refugee crisis and current situation in Europe.Since there are several workshops and group exercises through-out the project, then the participants have an excellent opportunity to work together and communicate with the youth with different background. This will both expand their knowledge of other cultures and enhance the chances of future collaboration.
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