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RESILIENCE - europejski program profilaktyczny w kontekście zachowań ryzykownych młodzieży jako przeciwdziałanie przedwczesnemu wypadaniu uczniów z system edukacji
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the project is to decrease the number of students’ early drop-out from the education system in 3 countries - Poland, Lithuania and Romania through the implementation preventive activities in the context of risky behavior among 13-18 years young people.Furthermore, the objective of the project is to call the awareness of local communities conviction of the necessity of presenting mature attitudes and take proactive, positive educational behavior and the creation of active community support for preventive and rehabilitation activities in schools. Project is the answer for the needs of local communities in the field of bringing-up and prevention. Resilience is conceived as a preventive program consisting of applying for student various reinforcements against adversity.Organisations in the partnership have got many years of experience in work for youth in school aged through the preventive activities and remedies. The high standard of the work of these institutions guarantee the achievement of project indicators and the development of results at a given level.Employees and associates of individuals are qualified teachers, psychologists, sociologists, trainers, educators.Many years of experience of partners in the implementation of projects (including those financed from the EU) will minimize the risk of project failure. Solid background research and teaching, and more than twenty years of experience in project management guarantees the smooth implementation of the project.In addition to staff of partners institutions (sociologists, pedagogues, psychologists, programmers) project participants will:- Teachers in the schools where the school prevention programs will be implemented - Police officers involved in creating school’s prevention programs- Students at risk of early drop-out from the education system and their parents.The project activities will be:- 4 project meetings:• 10.2016 in Katowice• 02.2017 in Vilnius• 02.2018 in Brasov• 06.2018 in Lodz;- 3 conferences to disseminate the results of intellectual outputs:• June 2018 in Lodz• June 2018 in Vilnius• June 2018 in Brasov;- 3 trainings for employees:• 11.2016 in Katowice• 06.2017 in Vilnius• 04.2018 in Brasov.The results of the Project will be:1. Diagnostic-evaluation tools:a.) diagnostic tool – describing functional/dysfunctional areas of the school environment regarding risky behaviour).b) evaluation tool, which will be correlative with the diagnostic tool.2. Conclusion drawn from the evaluation research and correction of the undertaken operations in partnership countries by institutions participating in the project.3. Comprehensive Resilience programmes.4. Handbook of the method – Resilience step by step.5. Final report for all partnership countries showing comparison of local experiences.6. Increase of knowledge on the subject how to build school breakwaters.7. Increasing awareness of the problem of teenagers’ early drop-outs from the educational system.8. Virtual Laboratory of Prevention which after the realization of the project will be the platform of exchange of experiences for teachers from all countries where the need of building of breakwater will occur.The project will bring long-term benefits for various social groups, for example:- Teachers - raising the level of knowledge about prevention among teachers participating in training during the building school programs, broadening of knowledge in the area of prevention programs- The police - increase knowledge of preventive activities taken in schools through participation in meetings of improvement,- Students - to reduce the number of young people manifested risk behaviors- Parents - will receive support and information about institutions supporting the functions of the family in the local community- Other stakeholders of the project, eg. psycho-pedagogical places, teachers, educators, psychologists and directors of the schools, where there won’t be created school programs, staff of teacher training centers - participation in the activities of dissemination (eg. Conferences) in each country, the possibility of use the created application and textbook method RESILIENCE step by step.
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