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Researchers for the Future (RESTURE)
Start date: 01 May 2009, End date: 30 Nov 2009 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Main objective of our proposal is contributing to the reinforcement of public recognition of researcher as profession . The proposed events are organized on 25 September 2009 : from experiments, workshops, humorous presentations, students' drama performance on research topic, two researchers’ rock bands, different experiments which red line is promoting researchers' care for environment and importance of this profession for society and preservation of healthy natural environment...all with festive and fun character. The target audience of proposed events, foreseen in an informal and attractive way, in which whole families can take part in, is the public at large, including all different groups of population from youngest one to elder citizens. Intensive awareness campaign with research of public perception before and after 25 sept. 2009, will be important tool for strengthening of public recognition of researchers and to measure the impact of our activities. They all aim at offering the public at large an opportunity to directly meet researchers in a relaxed atmosphere, with »European corner« and exhibition of posters' competition »Imagine the advertising poster of the 2010 researchers' Night« in the heart of the event's location. As a part of the »European corner« there will be a transmition of events organised in the frame of the European Researchers' night 2009 and available on internet connection. Interesting experiments, workshops in which visitors will participate will be performed. Information how young people can become researchers themselves and fun corner for the smallest children, will be available as well. In order to illustrate the fact that researchers are "normal people", whose unique specificity is their curiosity and passion for research, they will play on their own concert and keep company with visitors."
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