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Research on the methodology of teaching juggling: development and adaptation

The project, entitled ’RESEARCH ON THE METHODOLOGY OF TEACHING JUGGLING: DEVELOPMENT AND ADAPTATION’, was the transnational partnership of Hungary, Germany and Spain. We mainly dealt with pedagogical issues: our aim was to develop education towards European dimensions.The participating institutions realised at least fourty mobilities from which the coordinator, the Hungarian Juggling Association, achieved fifteen. The number of jugglers interested and participated in the project exceeded two-hundred.Our primary aim was to create an accessible collection of methods through an active learning partnership of jugglers. For collecting the methods of teaching juggling, we organised seminars in the Hungarian Juggling Convention (Gyomaendrőd, Hungary), the Tropical Convention (Berlin, Germany), the Berlin Convention (Berlin, Germany) and the European Juggling Convention (Vitora Gasteiz, Spain). Many of the jugglers who participated in the project said that it was a very exciting experience for them knowing new aspects and opinions about the teaching methods of juggling, and of course, they enjoyed travelling, meeting different people and making new personal and professional relationships.At the beginning of the project, we created a website, the actual collection of the methods: Registered users can upload and translate articles, and discuss them by commenting. This thematic website can be read in four languages - English, German, Hungarian and Spanish - that enhances the most the active participation and collaboration.Enriching the knowledge and assets of teachers is essential, especially when our main goal, that transcends this project, is to popularise juggling between the widespread community. Juggling has a great potential in it: besides being a circus art, it is an ALTERNATIVE TYPE OF MOVEMENT that develops coordination, body – and self-consciusness, maintains mental and physical health.

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