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Rescue 3 - Záchranné techniky na divoké vodě a při povodních
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Vodácká škola záchrany (Whitewater rescue school) is dedicated to the safety of paddling sport over 7 years. During this time the paddling and rescue courses have been trained over 150 Czech paddlers each year and over 350 members of professional firemen. The paddling sport is very popular in the Czech Republic, but it can be also dangerous. In addition to safety the school makes prevention, cooperate with the Czech Canoe Federation, national organizations and assurance on dangerous weirs - project The school has also its own publishing of books. These activities are managed to reduce the number of hits firemem on the weirs and rivers to half and also decreases the number of dead czech paddlers. Many Czech paddlers also go abroad, where have a accidents and 2 dead every years. School teachers have much experiences with water rescue, providing specialized course Rescue from dangerous weir, designed and tested rescue rope on dangerous weir, make whitewater rescue presentations for the public, are accredited trainers, publish books.International system of training Rescue 3 can gain experience from different the rivers and compare the experiences of foreign instructors with own. Experiences of foreign rescuers are very useful for school teachers. Rescue on rivers is always unique (different terrain, different flow, different accident ...), where experience is very important. Rescue 3 provides multi-level education and will create individual advanced course. Completing the course in a number of 5 persons will transfer the experience of foreign rescuers, which will used in school curricula. In this field, it is important to self-education and also to compare our processes with others. The goal is to continue training Rescue 3 up to instructor level and order these certificates in Czech Republic.
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