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REPLIKA - European Repository for Learning Innovation and Knowledge Acquisition

The REPLIKA project aims to facilitate the tailoring of e-learning programmes to language, sector or individual need through the creation of a virtual repository of learning materials, which will also allow access to an on-line a re-authoring tool for the creation, storage and retrieval of adapted learning programmes. The project focuses particularly upon e-learning materials for ICT and upon Management Skills for employees in the digital industries with no higher education experience. In working across the involved European countries, an existing "virtual repository" model will be adapted for transnational application, in addition the project will design twelve industry-relevant learning modules and will further pilot the new system, including the re-authoring facility, across a total of 100 pilot learners and 40 mentors with feedback being collected from teaching staff and social partners. Learner-centred training will be delivered via the participating organisations' own virtual learning environments. A year-long certification programme will prepare for potential accreditation of the learning materials within existing national structures, either as stand-alone courses or as a part of existing degree courses. The project's final outputs will include the prototype repository, a series of new curriculum materials and an interim and final project report. Regular on-line feedback will be elicited from all stakeholders i.e. SME managers, workers and trainees in the digital industries, universities, colleges and employer organisations as well as key actors in educational policy development. Promotion will also be undertaken through demonstration seminars, mailings, participation in regional, national and European events and the project's own interim and final transnational conferences.
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