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Reorganización de espacios y tiempos para la implantación de nuevas metodologías
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school has has been for two years in a renewal process to improve educational quality. We propose several goals: educational reform, improvement of linguistic competence and taking awareness of our European dimension.We settled for this action plans that we have been performing since then. We demand from this project to strengthen these plans and achieve the proposed goals. Likewise, the project aims to contribute to the achievement of the European objectives related to decreased rates of early school leaving.With reference to these three goals, our school wants to do in the first year a Job shadowing in order to promote educational metodological changes, expand our European dimensions and train teachers in CLIL methodology.As for the planned activities, those related to the job shadowing are scheduled for five days of work and training and related to CLIL, in four courses. Two are planned for 2015 and the other two for 2016.With the job shadowing and training CLIL hope to achieve a significant level of innovation by incorporating new knowledge from reputable European institutions, consolidating new models of school management, useful for adapting to the change and expand our European dimension.We hope these changes will lead our students to be protagonist of their own achievement in their learning process and have a greater motivation in learning, and so avoiding premature dropouts in compulsory education. With CLIL teaching, learning will be more interactive, flexible and autonomous. In relation to teachers, the project will improve their teaching skills through knowledge of other methodologies and classroom management models, this will help in further reflection and implementation in our school.It will also enhance their professional development. And obviously improve their learning in English since all project activities will be conducted in English.To achieve these objectives it’s imperative to properly design subsequent phases to the completion of the project: monitoring objectives, dissemination, impact and, finally, assessment, in order to strengthen the whole process.The project is institutional. It is led by the school management team and involves the entire educational community. This way we obtain a school project and thereby ensure the impact on the institution.The project will last for two years and is intended for a total of ten school teachers. Job shadowing activity is directed to a member of the management team of the school and three teachers at the primary stage. CLIL training is intended for four teachers, two from the secondary level and two from primary levels.The selection process of participants will be published through internal communication platform, and notice boards in staff rooms, a month before the start of the selection process.Preparation prior to the start of mobility is established. This preparation has a full schedule. Regarding teacher training, this will be performed concerning methodology and English.A schedule for all activities has been performed and working committees are organized to carry out and control all phases of the project.All practical aspects of mobility have been taking in account and how to manage any incidents that may occur.We guarantee the quality of our mobility project because both ETI and Saunakallio school have excellent international experience.Supervision of the work-program will take place between participants, each responsible for a particular task ranging from trip preparation to completion. The management team shall designate each one of them to be responsible of his group and the trip.Communication and cooperation between partners is fundamental. We will use email and keep the necessary talks using video conference.Regarding the impact, the whole experience will affect motivation and teaching role of the participants. The impact will be assessed in the short, medium and long term.The dissemination of the results of the performed activities is done through websites, staff meetings, etwinning and other means of written communication.The broadcast will be focused on different groups, resulting thus in a clear opening of the school’s European dimension.The project evaluation will be continuous and regular. We’ll use collaborative tools, like Google tools, for making surveys and assessment documents. Assessment tools will rubrics, satisfaction surveys, etc.Besides, the management team will make a strategic plan to design the assessment of project monitoring.

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