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Renforcer les liens école entreprise pour mieux lutter contre le décrochage scolaire
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUND: • Taking as reference the work of the European Commission analyzing the causes and consequences of early school leaving and have the tools available to Member States to fight against this phenomenon and the measures that the EU should adopt to reduce the rate dropout in the EU. • By being involved in vocational training must take the issue of school dropout in charge and the Business and School links • Recalling that in the " repository Jobs " Deputy Head (DH), Circular NE 2011-215 of 01/12/2011, one of its tasks and activities is the coordination and facilitation of teaching staff. • In managing the teaching staff of vocational and technological schools that have the Mission to provide solutions pedagogical organization to effectively tackling early school leaving, Deputy Head in continuation of the previous project submitted by the SNPCT orient their new project on this issue of the fight against school dropout by reinforcing the school-business link. OBJECTIVES: Meet the national goal: "100% of students qualified for school leaving students." For this Deputy Head set the following objectives: 1)Observe how the strategic objectives set by the EU in 2009 are implemented: • establish a common European framework for policies to tackle early school leaving and ensuring that comprehensive national strategies are adopted by Member States by 2012; • adopt a Communication on the education and care of early childhood; • adopt a Communication on European strategy for the integration of immigrant pupils; • modernize vocational education and training; • measure the employability of young people; • identify effective measures and practices to address common challenges; • organize meetings to highlight good practices; • more intensive use of the EU Programme to support innovative approaches to reduce early school leaving; • add focus and rigor to investments made under European Structural Funds. 2)Share their experiences with those of their partners 3)Reporting to all Deputy Head work done during these mobility 4) Develop innovative actions to strengthen the school-business link to better tackle against school dropout NUMBER AND PARTICIPANTS PROFILES: 171 Deputies Heads of all professional specialties DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES : The observation will focus on strategies implemented: Strategies for tackling early school leaving have to take as a starting point an analysis of the national, regional and local specificities of the phenomenon. They must be overarching and include policies such as social protection, youth, family, health and employment. These strategies must be systematic and aimed at: • prevention: by seeking to avoid the conditions from arising that lead to early school leaving; • intervention: by addressing the difficulties encountered by pupils as soon as they arise; • compensation: by offering opportunities for education and training to pupils who have dropped out. METHODOLOGY : To effectively train teachers they charge to educational management of this device , Deputy Head need continuing training and light on the practices of education partners and the formation of the EU is a good idea . The SNPCT opening of the international, relying on its network of former partners can build this project. The European partners will be sought on the subject of tackling school leaving enable Deputy Head to observe and discuss: • how host organizations practicing the tackling school leaving; • the human resources and teaching materials available to them; • they develop relationships on this subject with the socio- economic system and they reinforce business and school links; • the training received by teachers to ensure the success of the device. Deputy Head will organize the work as follows : • presentation of the project to all Deputy Heads at the national level; • call for applications and selection of participants; • preparation for mobility; • learning assessment of beneficiaries and the project as a whole; • reinvestment of these achievements; • dissemination of the project results. IMPACT AND EXPECTED RESULTS: On Deputy Head : better understanding the problem and drive devices to address the early school leaving On the teaching staff: find strategies to tackle early school leaving On training institutions: fulfill their Mission On country : creating the conditions for "better living together" through the development of all, so that the impact on students is measured by a significant reduction in the rate of dropouts students POTENTIAL LONG TERM BENEFIT: Achieve other strategic targets for Europe 2020: achieve 75 % employment rate of 20-64 years old and lift 20 million people out of poverty.
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