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Renforcer l'apprentissage des langues, outil à la citoyenneté, pour valoriser l'appartenance européenne.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our professional high school has been involved in the Erasmus + projects for more than ten years, and it is with great conviction, reinforced every year, that we bring our students to collectively live the work experience that was never proposed to them during their previous experience. Since 2001, our pupils of tertiary vocational training have had the chance to benefit from a professional practice thanks to the Leonardo and Erasmus + programs in various English-speaking countries or regions of the European Community: Ireland, England, Wales and in Spain as to the Spanish-speaking countries (a new destination in 2015-2016), and this in compliance with our European Sections. All these experiences are particularly enriching for students because they help them to grow, and that is the reason why they straighten and reinforce our motivation to apply, year after year, for the Erasmus+. Indeed, we are aware of the increasing importance of a professional integration of young people within the European Community. Moreover, the personal fulfillment they enjoy in the aftermath of their experience remains the most visible impact, especially when they come back later as grown-ups to tell us their professional lives (links are maintained with some former pupils). Thus, after each experience abroad, our teaching staff systematically seeks to know precisely the opinions and impressions of our pupils, and we also ask them to share their experiences. Through the questionnaires which are handed to the pupils as well as to the foreign tutors, we are able to correct, improve and develop our future mobilities. In the same way, we make sure to take into account the remarks of the assessors of the National Agency, as mentioned in their report at the time when the grants are allocated. Our will to widen the offer of training has led us to open the European Section – “English” – to the Administrative Management training in 2014, and then to apply for a European Section – “Spanish” – which has been accepted in our Trade training for the school year 2016. Expanding the mobility to Spain is consistent with our outlook. In 2015-2016, fifteen year 12 pupils of the Reception and Customer Relations training and the Administrative Management training were able to benefit from a four-week mobility (in March-April 2015) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This year (2015 -2016), sixteen students of these two classes are going to Belfast again and seven year 12 students of the Trade training will be discovering Seville over the same period (four weeks in January-February 2016). These two mobilities are preceded by an immersion course in English or Spanish for a significant amount of time within a training organization outside the school in order to de-stress the students and prepare them for their stay abroad. As in our previous mobility, an intermediate partner in the host country is chosen (after a reconnaissance trip if it’s a new partner): the latter facilitates the database for possible companies to employ our candidates and for families to host them in line with their profile. Our participants coming from varied and mainly modest socio-cultural backgrounds, we observed that the European mobility through the Erasmus+ program establishes, for these pupils whose school experience is fragile, a real added value: concrete, recognized and source of appreciation. As regards the main objectives for our participants, they will be as followed: - To improve their language and communicational skills as well as their linguistic experiences in a working environment as in everyday life and/or family life. - To embrace other lifestyles and become integrated into a different culture. We have the ambition to think that this mobility allows them to cross the borders of the national systems and to thrive in ways of lives which are not familiar to them; that is why we encourage the largest number to participate in this project and put into practice their know-how, as well as their manners, abroad. By this way, they will also be able to qualify for the European Mention as well as EUROPRO and EUROPASS. These two diplomas soon become assets for our participants but also for their future employers. Similarly, these experiences abroad proved in the past that they were an undeniable springboard between high school and higher education, so much so as the acquired self-confidence opens to unexplored perspectives, or which were not previously envisioned. Finally, this project will also facilitate the adaptation to the requirements of the working world, what makes of this experience an exceptional asset. Our objectives aim to be, above all, realistic and operational, always in adequacy with the expectations and skills of our various partners. Our high school is now recognized for the sustainability of the European projects and we never fail to promote our mobilities and to mention their successes, knowing that our students are the best ambassadors to represent them!
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