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Renforcement linguistique et développement de nouvelles technologies pour l'école élémentaire de Baziège
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our finalized project concerns a public elementary school located Baziège 9 classes. 1) The historical and geographical context: We remind that our primary school is located close to Toulouse. Toulouse is characterized by an aviation industry at the cutting edge of technology: namely, the space industry (CNES) and Airbus. In this context teachers have heart to increase the level of English of the new generation. Meanwhile a need for teacher training in English is found. Teachers also want to enter the school in the digital era and give it a European dimension 2) Objectives 1- Make students aware of their belonging to Europe as a citizen (European flag, freedom of movement, money, politics ...) That students take ownership of the European territory through a better knowledge of the countries that comprised the and cultural diversity. Students should have a better idea of EUROPE; 2- Raise awareness that English is a real language and that mastery is a common basis for communication within the many countries where trade in English with other classes that will be made in the year 2015- 2016 3- Give wanderlust, stimulate curiosity to create envy in being adult to visit or work in partnership with these European countries. 4. Promote the sharing of experiences between teachers, educational video to the realities of class, open to Europe. This is to promote project success beyond school by spreading it on the net by the platform e Twinning and creating a website. 3) Participants MISTRAL teacher Mrs. CM enrolled for training BRIGHTON du13 / 07/2015 07/24/2015 Ms. HUSTE teacher CP enrolled for training in Ireland du19 / 10/2015 10/30/2015 4) Description of the activities CHOSEN TOPIC: LANGUAGE TRAINING AND USE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES - 40 during 50 minutes General English in international group -14 During 50 min methodology focused on the use of new technologies taught in English in a group of teachers In addition to complete the training, the teachers followed 6 hours of training on the Sankore software (software for interactive projector) with the counselors of Education. At present self is a pursuit to complete mastery of interactive projector. 5) The results and impacts achieved The teachers were able to perfect their knowledge of the English language. They have gained fluency in speaking and writing Ms. HUSTE for granted provisional accreditation to teach English in the school. Ms. Mistral rose and got the B2 level in "listening". The apprehension of new technologies has changed the way to class. Internet entered the classroom through the use of website "BBC Learning, ELF KIDS Talk, ..." Impacts achieved: in the class for each session in the English CM2 the projector was used to broadcast video and audio records websites in English language. With their experience, teachers have developed other educational approaches, use of new media (Youth English album, games ...) in school exchanges on the practical classes with other teachers, and educational materials trade.
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