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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The “ODDO-BERNACCHIA BRIGIDA” complex is the only lower secondary school in Termoli, there are 11 language teachers, many of whom have received national level recognitions. The language department offers a wide range of initiatives including experimental activities: flipped classroom, enhanced English courses of 5 hours per week, certification of linguistic skills, English language olympics, drama classes and shows, placements in England and France. The "RENEWABLE TEACHERS" project has been developed in the framework of the European Development Plan and is fully integrated into the triennial education programme provided by the school; it represents an important part of the strategy towards quality and an upgrade in professional training. In initiating this project our school aims to “renew” the profile of the foreign language teachers first of all and also to develop the linguistic abilities and methods of the teachers from other departments collaborating with the implementation of transversal educational planning for foreign language studies and towards the development of the eight key competencies (including the use of etwinning projects and CLIL modules). Although individual training developed in Italy is at a high level and in constant evolution, it is now also considered an incentive to continue towards wider horizons beyond boundaries and limits.The "RENEWABLE TEACHERS" project is a strategic step in strengthening our progress towards change through the participation of 15 teachers from the different schools within the complex, chosen according to merit, motivation and openness to change. Teacher mobility will therefore concern language department staff above all and in addition some teachers from other departments with a minimum competence level of A2/B1. All staff involved are permanently employed by the school and have been there for several years, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of the project and of its results. The Erasmus programme is seen as an important opportunity for professional growth which would allow us to progress through constant and permanent professional upgrading, especially where languages are concerned. Starting this current school year, the language department is being upgraded and other subject areas are being involved through integrated project work. This process will evolve thanks to full collaboration across the departments. The "RENEWABLE TEACHERS" project aims to: update the teachers’ language ability and methodology; acquire new methods and didactic tools in order to increase the students’ motivation, interest and participation;develop competencies concerning citizenship to share in class on a daily basis;share ideas and materials with teachers from other European nations;learn about new cultures and school systems, creating joint projects with other institutes;becoming receptive to the European dimension including participation in other activities within the Erasmus programme;transmit multilingual education, encouraging the inclusion of foreign students and those with disabilities or special educational needs.The activities will be organised as follows: Discussions at meetings of the teaching staf and at the board of governorsA recruitment call and approval Preparation of the participants and the documentsTechnical meetings with the Director of General and Administrative ServicesLanguage training for the teachers who are not part of the language departmentContact with the providerProject meetings to share procedures and management Preparative activities for the course as established by the nominating institute Mobility: participation in the course and in all the related activities – feedback with the coordinators of the project.Follow up: meetings to disseminate results at school with staff, implementation in class, monitoring and assessment by means of questionnaires and an evaluation team, the creation of a web site and the distribution of materials using many channels, local and regional level seminars, meeting organized by the teacher in charge of the project. All the teachers who have the opportunity to attend the courses will improve their language skills, above all where speaking and listening skills are concerned. They will all return to Italy with a renewed awareness of their status of European citizens, an awareness that is not easy to acquire while working in a decentralised and in many ways isolated area, such as our region. Many years of work with Etwinning projects and the presence of Comenius assistants in our school in the past have laid the foundations for the new level of exchange with other EU countries, however it is now essential to immerse ourselves in the community of European teachers, so as to convey to our students not only the methodological knowledge acquired but also the will to seek change and challenge a way of thinking that impels their teachers to leave Italy in order to grow professionally.
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