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Renewable Energy Solution

“Renewable Energy Solutions” (RES) project was a partnership among institutions from Italy, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands and Romania. The RES Partnership had the objective of comparing the different techniques, diffusion and awareness regarding renewable energy systems in the various partner countries participating in the project. The partners divided the work to be done during the two-year project according to the prepared workplan. All partners were equally and well involved in the project work. Four reports were produced as a result of this work. The first report regarded the various techniques that use renewable energies and was written above all thanks to the technical knowledge of the partners at Pamukkale University Energy Research and Application Centre and the participation of the other partners. The second report regarded different technical solutions in the various countries participating in the project - each partner researched the types of renewable energy plant used in his/her county as well as the percentage of energy produced from renewable sources compared with other forms of non-renewable energy. The third report regarded renewable energy and the world of work in different countries - using case studies we tried to highlight the growth in the workforce & specialisation of various workers working in the sector of renewable energy. The fourth report regarded the involvement of individuals in their energy choices. The project and its results were communicated using a website, a flyer, a conference and various dissemination events. By cooperating in this project, the partners produced some materials that could be used for future activities, and documentation for future courses, both as training materials and as working references within the activities of the organisations.

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