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REncontre de jeuneS - Projet IntercultuRel et Environnement 2
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This meeting will bring together sixteen young French and Italian (eight young people from each country) for an intercultural experience and practical living around respect for the environment. Such young people are young people with great social and learning difficulties and disabilities for some of them, and who have challenging behaviors. This will take place in Tours, in the Centre-Val de Loire Region, in France, in June 2016 for 6 days. This idea is based on the fact that a meeting (including mobility) allows one hand, a discovery (of the other, of a new place) that arouses curiosity and allows a distance of daily life, which is intended beneficial when accompanied and prepared. Discovery, curiosity and distancing are precisely at work with these audiences in big trouble. This project is a vital chance for meeting and mobility for a public with less opportunity. It allows these young people to have access to mobility and intercultural encounters with other young people. It is also part of a process that will promote active citizenship, especially through the support of trade theme: the environment. On environmental issues, practical approach will be chosen, to match what the public can understand, in terms of their capabilities. Moreover, this approach will allow the practice of "working together" which is a vehicle for intercultural encounter, in a process of "action-oriented approach", where everyone will have to complete a task that will generate interaction and stimulate the development of skills. Acting is in this sense a key element of the new education movement that claim the two partner associations. The project objectives are: - Living an intercultural experience fostering European citizenship - Developing autonomy, manual skills, social skills- Raise awareness about environmental issues through a practical approach The meeting will focus on the following activities: - Introduction of participants - Workshops practices related to environmental discovery - Workshops practices related to environmental issues- Implementation project on the environment - Meeting with local organizations in connection with the environmental protection - Discovery of the environment, gastronomy, cultural and artistic environment - Language Animation as a method of language awareness - Life in the community (meals, evening) This meeting and the activities lead will give young people a positive awareness of themselves and act in favor of their active European citizenship. The environmental education approach into a practical approach will increase the sensitivity of young people in environmental issues. We hope that they will remember gestures or ideas on the subject and will implement them in their community and in their daily practices. Finally, we hope this project will spark youth a taste for encounters, for the discovery of elsewhere and other people. This meeting will strengthen educational thinking of CEMEA Centre and CEMEA Taranto on educational conditions to accompany youth in trouble in situations of meeting and rupture, and the interest to address issues of diversity and intercultural encounters. Moreover, this project will establish the belief that defends CEMEA and other organization that mobility and projects with a European dimension should be encouraged for the public who are « furthest away ».The results will be spread thanks to articles, video support, and meeting day for professional.
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