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Rencontre de Jeunes autour de l'Engagement et du Développement Durable
Start date: Aug 3, 2015, End date: Jun 2, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The County Council of Ille-et-Vilaine collaborates with several territories across Europe and worldwide. The local Institution has been developing strong links, for instance, with the Judet of Sibiu in Romania since 1990 and with the Séfrou Province in Morocco since 1992. In 2014, the county Council had wished to multiply and reinforce multilateral exchanges between all their partners. In this aim, some fields of comon interest have been identified, among which the following : the creation of a network of young people and youth stakeholders in order to foster mutual understanding between young people and enable them to become active citizens capable of running these cooperation. The Séfrou Province and the Judet of Sibiu have then facilated closer links between the County Council, supported by the association Jeunes à Travers le Monde, and local organizations engaged on these matters: University of Sibiu, Romania, and the association “Bladi women” acting in the field of development and tourism in Morocco. These bodies are both observing a growing commitment of young people in favor of sustainable development, either through individual vocational projects or collectives incents. They also point out a need for them to be accompanied to run these actions, to valorize them and improve them by sharing practices. Therefore, the project aims at organizing a meeting addressed to young people coming from the 3 selected territories to give them the opportunity to share their views, their commitments, and their projects in the field of sustainable development. The conclusions of the discussions will be gathered into a plea defending sustainable development. This meeting will also allow young participants to think about how to collaborate for future actions and how to formalize it into a charter. A the end of the meeting, each group of young people will go back home with tools they will be free to use to support the implementation of tangible initiatives in favor of sustainable development and ongoing exchanges initiated by the 3 regions. The meeting, which will take place on the first week of October 2015, will gather 18 young people of distinct nationalities (French, Moroccans, and Romanians) together. Aged 18 to 30, the participants will be split up into 3 groups of 6 individuals for discussions and project’s running. The young people will be selected by partners’ organizations according to their level or wish of commitment in favor of sustainable development (people chosen can be students, unemployed or working). The program of activity of this meeting week will be focused on one major axis - previously identified by the participants - of discussions linked with sustainable development. Activities will be many and various, participating to ensure a good dynamic all along the week, and progressive so that the young participants can start with a common topic at the beginning of the week to bring the discussions to the end with a common project: Games for the cohesion of the group, open forum, working groups, on-the-spot visits, projects laboratories, photographs and slogan workshops, body representation workshops, writing of the plea and the collaboration charter, presentation of the documents to an audience composed of elected, associations, young people, etc. Intercultural activities will be added to the program as well as leisure times so that the meeting can be also a moment for the discovery of the culture of each group. By this way, it is expected that young people will get to know each other and recognize themselves by other means than the topic of the week i.e. food, music language and so on. For young participants in the meeting, the project targets a reflective step backward regarding their positioning or project(s) in favor of sustainable development but also, and above all, an enrichment of the project(s) in the future. This meeting is being built to be the springboard for young people to run their project(s) themselves and as far as possible in a European and international dimension. Through the restitution of the project to the 3 local authorities involved, it is expected that these authorities and particularly their elected, can be able to hear and understand young people preoccupations and ideas and can support them for the implementation of concrete initiatives at the local level. Eventually, the project is supposed to target not only young people already committed in sustainable development but also those who have not been committed but who could be sensitive to the results produced by this exchange of young people, results that will be disseminated among partners ‘networks.
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