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In this project, a new strategy for the technological and professional training is presented. This strategy is based on the use, in a broad and collaborative way, of a technological platform for the remote theoretical/practical learning via the Internet of systems of telephony, telematics and microprocessors.The main results are:-Development of an e-learning platform as support for the project.-Design and development of educative units / e-learning lessons as pattern for the systems of telephony, telematics and microprocessors.-Design and development of three model systems for the study and remote analysis of telephony, telematics and microprocessors.-Creation of a database of knowledge for the mentioned systems.-Development of an audiovisual communication system to watch the results and to communicate with the professor.The consortium has been organised with a set of educative institutions, vocational training schools and companies, with a special interest in the development of remote and practical e-learning.As a general result a remote workshop has been built. This remote workshop allows an access via the Internet for the training in systems of telephony, telematics and microprocessors. Nevertheless, the results of this project are multidisciplinary and have been developed in a way that they provides the possibility to be exported to any other educative field and can be the base of any training matter like mechanics (remote management of machine tools), robotics (remote control of robots) , flexible manufacturing cells, control / verification of machines and processes in companies, medicine (diagnosis and visualization), etc.The described system is having a great impact in the educative process (teachers) and learning (students) of vocational training, in institutions for the training of unemployed people and in general in all the vocational training in Europe, due to its innovative nature, especially in the practical side of the learning.
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