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Remeslo 2016
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Craft 2016 provided an opportunity for students and teachers in Secondary vocational woodworking school in Spišská Nová Ves improve the professional skills they will need for their future or current profession.The project included internships focusing on the wood processing and internships with an artistic focus. The project had jobshadowing for teachers, training and workshops Wodenbuildings 2016. Complain attended by 24 students including 10 girls and 7 teachers. The students were from second to fourth classes. Students Wooden construction technician and Carpenter gained experience in the production of sandwich wooden houses in company Ekomodula s.r.o in Pisek (Czech Republic) and in VšĮ Vilniaus Statybininkų rengimo Center / Vilnius Builders Training Centre in Vilnius (Lithuania). They worked in the production of wooden windows, doors and custom-wood in the furnishings in the botanical garden in Vilnius. Operators Woodworking and Furniture Production learned to program and use 5 - axis CNC woodworking center in school workshops in SOS and SOU Písek. Students of art departments participated in international woodcarving symposium organized by the SŠNO in Bystřice pod Hostýnem (Czech Republic), where he perfected in carving and demonstrated to the public his wooden reliefs with the theme of the Beauty of nature. Student of the branches Photographic design and Promotional art design completed three weeks experience in an advertising agencies and photos studios. They made photos and image processing and preparation of promotional campaigns in collaboration with professionals in Prague.Some students were evaluated ECVET. Teachers attended jobshadowing in Vilnius in the Písek a Volyne and in Prague. The information obtained will help to improve teaching methods in vocational subjects and in language learning and in the implementation of the dual system of education. Teachers received updated information on the realization of wooden buildings in the world at the workshop Woodenbuildings 2016 in Volyne (CR) and one teacher was trained in the latest version of the professional software Photoshop and participated in a short work placement in an advertising agency and worked with a professional photographer. Secondary vocational woodworking school was the host organization in Erasmus + VET in the school year 2015/16 . We hosted the students and teachers from Vilnius and Pärnu from Estonia . Students received the following knowledge and skills after completing internships : - Manned and used machines and elctricianpower tools for woodworking - Performed professional services for wooden products as ordered - Actively engaged in the production plant - Learned to program and operate CNC - Improved your work habits and skills - Improved the procedure for carving reliefs and surface treatment - Improved in photography and photo processing according to the assignment - Cooperated in the creation of advertising campaigns - Presented his hand-made works to the public Teachers have verified and compared their teaching practices and school systems of vocational training in different EU countries. Obtained the most recent information from the area of wooden buildings, fully used the software for processing and photo editing Photoshop. All participants obtained at more: - Got to know the history, cultural monuments of the region - Got to know the daily life of the inhabitants, customs, language, - Participated in cultural and sports activities in region - Learned autonomy while away from a familiar environment - Recognized peers from EU countries - Participated in non-formal education - Gained experience in the implementation of the project Erasmus +. The benefits of the project for the school: - The transfer of technical information into teaching - Improving the quality of vocational eaching and individual preparation for a career students - Promoting school through an Erasmus + - Increase the interest of students and their parents to study at SOSD Long-term benefits: - Achieving the vision of the school - Maintaining contacts with partners - Use of knowledge in teaching - Promotion of the Erasmus + and continued in the future - Personal and professional development of participants In the project was implemented 4 internships for the students: 1st from 6.9. to 19.9. 2015 SŠNO Bystřice pod Hostýnem, Czech Republic, 6 students + 1 accompanying person 2nd from 1.10. – 21.10.2015, Square One o.s.,Praha, Czech Republic, 6 students 3rd from 1.11. - 15.11. 2015 v SOŠ a SOU Písek, Czech Republic, 6 students + 1 accompanying person 4rd from 27.2. – 12.3. 2016 - VBTC Vilnius, Lithuania, 6 students + 1 accompanying person Teachers were on three internships: 1st from 9.10. – 24.10. 2015, Square One o.s.,Praha, Czech Republic,1 teacher 2nd from 27.2. – 5.3. 2016 - VBTC Vilnius, Lithuania, 3 teachers 3 rd from 21.3. – 24.3.2016 v SOŠ a SOU Písek a VOŠ Volyne, Czech Republic,3 teachers
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