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The project Prekriane meje is based on the interesting common history of the region from both sides of the Slovenian/Croatian border, which has a rich historical military heritage from ancient times to present. Goals: development of the historical military region as a recognizable tourist destination; development of a joint tourist offer; construction of the necessary tourist infrastructure. Realisation of these objectives will make this area a recognizable tourist destination, increase the number of visitors, and increase awareness and knowledge of all tourist offers and the joint action at tourist markets. Achievements: Through joint tourism products and joint promotion of tourism activities, the project contributes to building up the identity of the area regardless of national borders. The integrity of this historically and strategically important region has been established. The project has facilitated the passage of target groups across the national borders and their cooperation. With enriched and joined tourism facilities, the number of stationary guests in the area of the project is starting to increase. The majority of project activities are being undertaken jointly. The joint tourism strategy and new joint tourism products are being developed and jointly promoted and marketed. The flow of information about tourist visits will be enhanced and new possibilities for cooperation between tourist organizations and communal structures will be found. Tourism guidance expertise has been established with special knowledge of the historical military region. The cooperation among museum organizations and tourism entities on both sides of the border has been enhanced.
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  • 74.9%   250 973,81
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

6 Partners Participants