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Reinventing Outdoors for the Education
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Reinventing Outdoors for the Education –ROUTE, is an Erasmus + project that intend to include outdoor activities into the ordinary curriculum in order to motivate students and to evolve the didactic methods in teaching about sustainability. Route aims to address the following two key EU priorities 2020; • Revising and strengthening the professional profile of the teaching professions • Improving the attainment of young people, particularly those at risk of early school leaving By reinventing the outdoors through education we want to achieve increased knowledge regarding sustainability in the participating schools and their local society. This will be made possible through giving the classroom a broader context - situated outdoors, focusing on participating active education. This will be made possible repeatedly in this project by the commited partners. The project consists of 4 upper secondary schools; Hersby Gymnasium Sweden, Ralleio Geniko Lykeio Thileon Piraia Greece, Paide Gymnasium Estonia and Agrupamento de Escolas de Mem Martins Portugal. Each school is participating form the aspect that they bring with them knowledge about a best practice in teaching sustainability from different viewpoints; Sweden has a long history of creative outdoor activities; Greece has experiences in implementing sustainability. Estonians is excellent in youth entrepreneurship for creating sustainable businesses. Portugal has a great knowledge about the ecological impact of mankind. The purpose of the transnational project meetings are to plan the project, secure visible and qualitative results as well as validation of the project, to solve emerging problems, etc. The three joint staff events are organized for the planning of the joined project between matched teachers to teach student about sustainability. The learning activities for students are to test and share different teaching methods and to include the participating schools in best practice in outdoor activities. For the teachers we foresee this project to lead to new experiences and a new insight in pedagogical technics that can be used in their curriculum for interaction with the outdoors. The project will by introducing the outdoor activities to the students give them new ways to learn and understand their subjects. We believe that the outdoor didactics will motivate the students in their studies and that this will contribute to fewer early school leavers. The interaction between students from different countries will lead to new friendships, new ideas about future carriers, and a broaden view on future studies or new possibilities in other EU nations through the Europass. ROUTE will strive to make sustainability a part of each curriculum in school and of everyday life of the participants. To be able to make substantial changes for a sustainable environment in Europe we need to make sustainability a natural part of our thinking.
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