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Reillustrating Europe: Jokes & cartoons fighting
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

The activities within the youth exchange (following YE) “Reillustrating Europe: Jokes & cartoons fighting racism and xenophobia” is a follow-up project of the YE “It's the diversity that counts!” which was realized in summer 2010 in Prijedor, Bosnia-Herzegovina. According to the results of the final evaluation there the intense wish of partners and participants to continue working and promoting the themes of fighting against racism and xenophobia and the promotion of “diversity” and “intercultural learning”. While telling jokes about national stereotypes or making humour related to neighbouring countries and minorities, a very fine line is drawn between what is still perceived to be funny and what becomes just the subversive way of spreading stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination. Through analysing their own national jokes, participants will discover cultural relativism of humour and potential similarities between nations featuring pejorative connotations to specific social groups. Jokes will present the basis for the "national" cartoons made afterwards, where the visibility of stereotyping and discriminating through jokes' words will become indispensable. In the first phase, participants will gather jokes concerning their countries and neighbours; they will analyse and reflect them. Afterwards, they will come familiar with the characteristics of cartoon drawing, what to expose and how to make the cartoon effective. They will transform written stereotypes and prejudices concerning particular countries into the painted one in order to show very clearly, how making jokes can be the first phase of discriminating as well. Art works made by participants will be exhibited in the city hall of Prijedor. The YE with participants from EU27 and neighbouring partner countriesfrom SEE will be realized in Prijedor, the second largest municipality in the Republika Srpska within Bosnia-Herzegovina in the period 24.08-02.09.2012.

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