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Rehabilitation planning of Tiszasziget-Djala cross-border connecting road (Tiszasz - Djala 1)
Start date: May 31, 2010, End date: Nov 29, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The overall aim of the project is to develop optimal measures for strengthening the territorial cohesion of Serbia and Hungary. This could be achieved through the implementation of the projects specific objectives: 1. Development of planning documents for rehabilitation of cross-border connecting road Tiszasziget–Djala–Novi Knezevac-Coka2. Promotion of balanced territorial development in the region, integration of the marginal, less accessible border areas 3. Overcoming the border as a perceived "division" by establishing a cross-border partnership between competent institutions and creating synergies in infrastructureSpecifically, the following route will be covered by this initiative:Hungary: Tiszasziget-Serbian border crossing - Planning part starts from Szőreg (4302.road ) - to the border (43104. road) Lengh of the planning road: 10 544 m Serbia: Hungarian border crossing–Djala-Novi Knezevac, then a two-way connection: 1.Novi Knezevac-Coka 2. Novi Knezevac - RabeThe route covered by the project is strategically very important for settlements located along the border, because currently the poor quality of the road network creates one of the main limitations for development in the border regions. It should be emphasized that on the Serbian side, the Djala -Novi Knezevac -Rabe route will also allowaccess to the Romanian border, enabling travelers to reach all three countries by this route.Project activities: 1. Development of the main project design, 2.Technical supervision for the main project design.3. External management services to guarantee proper financial management and reporting4. Expert services to guarantee proper public procurement procedures according to PRAG.5. PR Campaign. Achievements: Technical documentation for road recontstruction has been elaborated.Based on those plans the application dealing with the implementation of the road reconstruction has been selected in the 3rd CfP of the Programme. (HUSRB/1203/111/050)

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