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Rehabilitation in order to use two buildings from the Venetian occupation period at 48 Arkadiou Street

The project involves the restoration (construction of roof, middle floors, coatings, PC equipment etc) of two ruined buildings of a renaissance character, dating back to the Venetian times, in the so called area of "Inn of Papakos" where the Office of the Old City of Rethymno Programme Agreement and the Office of Cultural Heritage and Information to executive staff of Cypriot bodies will be housed. Expected Results: 1. Preparatory works - Earthworks: Clear open spaces - pull down and remove debris2. Concrete works: Substrata of basement floors, Common area tiling, mechanical equipment level floor/ceiling - staircases and other minor repairs (lintels, roof concrete support etc)3. Wall structures: Construction of internal walls with brickworks . Carpentry: Door and window frames, floors and roofs5. Metal structures: False ceiling for basement, skylights for mechanical floor, covering of atrium6. Coating, layers:6.1 Coating, base coating, coating, marble tiles6.2 Painting of wall, frames, timber structures6.3 Thermal insulation and dump proofing of chambers7. Restore stone parts of fassade : Consolidate stone parts and stone frames and wall sections of the Venetian style facade8. Install a lift9. Construct a ramp for people with special needs10. Electromechanical equipment 11. Water supply and sewage
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