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Regional Policies for Responsible Development: evaluation of CSR and economic performance in the MED area (Responsible MED)
Start date: Jun 30, 2010, End date: Jun 29, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In Responsible MED 9 partners use transnational cooperation to evaluate and capitalise on corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a tool for competitiveness. Based on regional analyses and comparison, a common methodology and tool is developed and tested to evaluate and monitor links between CSR policy and levels of innovation and competitiveness. In promoting CSR as added value for SMEs, the project guarantees real economic impact and supports sustainability and equality in the MED area. Achievements: State of the art of project implementation since the project startIn Responsible MED 9 partners cooperated to evaluate and capitalise on CSR as a competitiveness tool. Partners mapped local CSR systems and compared them. Results of this analysis were grouped into an Interregional Report, which provides an overview of CSR in the MED. A Methodology to evaluate the link between CSR and competitiveness was developed and used as the basis for an on-line tool to assess CSR maturity and ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of benefit/cost ratio of CSR strategies. This tool was tested internally and during a pilot phase with SMEs in each region. The final version of the tool is available to the public at: Partners undertook an intensive phase of capitalisation of results and developed Action Plans for further capitalisation after the project end. They carried out a range of communication activities (conferences, seminars, press appearances, e-book, etc) to raise awareness about the project and the theme of CSR and competitiveness.Latest project activities and outputsDuring this period, partners participated in management activities, which were coordinated by the Lead Partner on a daily basis. Partners undertook a range of communication activities (detailed in Section on Component 1), including the Final Conference of the project and a number of local seminars, participation in related events at local, national and EU level and the publication of articles and press appearances. The on-line tool was finalised with the modifications requested during the pilot test and a number of final improvements identified by partners. The Methodology was updated with an annexe detailing the results of the pilot action. A business plan for the tool was developed, detailing the means of using and promoting it after project closure. The capitalisation process continued, particularly focusing on local level partnerships and means of using the tool after project end, and each partner completed their Action Plan for future Capitalisation Activities.Next key steps for the projectThe project officially closes this semester. However, 8 partners have submitted Action Plans that detail a range of activities that will be carried out at local and EU level to capitalise on project results after project closure. Details can be found below in Component 5.

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