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Regional Approach to Stimulating Local Renewable Energy Solutions 4.2 (RASLRES)
Start date: Dec 31, 2008, End date: Aug 29, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

RASLRES – the Regional Approaches to Stimulating Local Renewable Energy Solutions project – brings together partners from Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Sweden. The project aims to increase the use of renewable energy technologies in rural economies in the NPP region. To do this, RASLRES will design, pilot and market the best products and services for creating and sustaining local renewable energy markets in rural areas. In this way, the project will help markets provide sustainable economic growth for local employment, businesses and revenue. RASLRES will design and deliver six pilot projects that will be used to inform an overall NPP model to stimulate renewable energy use in rural areas. The project will focus on bio-energy fuels – such as energy from wood, energy from crops and energy from marine biomass technologies. Using the pilot projects as trial areas, RASLRES will also incorporate measurement tools that can be used for calculating greenhouse gas emissions.Finally, the project will establish a network for transnational exchange of knowledge, policy initiatives, technology and methodologies, which can later be used across the entire NPP area. Achievements: Since starting the RASLRES project in late 2009 significant progress has been made against the planned actions in terms of launching an effective transnational partnership and initiating key actions to enable programme outputs to be achieved in the regional renewable bio energy sector. In terms of communications, RASLRES has received widespread PR and media coverage, through key events such as the Ministerial Launch of the Wood Energy Pilot Programme in Ireland in April 2010, and the subsequent International Launch of the RASLRES project that was held in September 2010. RASLRES continues its information sharing though its high quality project website for the project and various social media. With regard to the policy element of the project, Action Renewables designed and distributed a template for National Bio-Energy Policy Analysis, as well as a completed draft for Northern Ireland. Norsjö Municipality have also completed their policy template. Work has commenced on the review of relevant EU policy in relation to the development, stimulus and support of renewable energy deployment. In terms of practical support to regional businesses, following the receipt of 125 enquiries of interest in engaging with the RASLRES wood energy pilots, 7 pilot projects were chosen in the Western Region of Ireland and engagement with the 7 pilot projects began in April 2010. They potentially represent over 23 MWs of new bio-energy in the region, which if realised fully would increase significantly the total sector in the region. Various levels of support were provided to each of the pilots during the period from by the appointed support services team (Steve Luker and Associates), depending on their level of requirement. Furthermore, the wider wood energy market in West Ireland was engaged with through the Wood Energy Support Services workshop that took place in Claremorris in November 2010. Action Renewables and Western Development Commission delivered a design workshop for the Market Stimulation Model, in which led to the development of an outline of the MSM. Feedback from the partners was incorporated, which led to the development and issue of a tender for the development of a Generic Bio-Energy Market Stimulation model (Web Based Tool). With regard to emissions, the CO2 domestic offset pilot is in the early design phase with ERI. The majority of work to date has focused on the reviewing measurement and forecasting methods and their application within a rural context. The formation of particulates during biomass burning and the impacts associated with these are also being reviewed.Products and services:Title: ESCO public procurement model and guidance Guidance on how to procure heat through an Energy Supply Contract, thus purchasing the heating service rather than the fuel, including two standard model contracts available to public organisations. The guidance will be further developed in the future as needs change and experience in the use of the contracts is gained.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: County Resource Assessments A set of reports on the potential supply of wood based biomass and estimated demand for renewable heat market within each county of the Western Region of Ireland. It also highlights potential resource issues regarding possible large scale projects such as Bio-Refineries and/or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants on county and regional supply chains.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Policy Summary Documents A report that identifies some of the policy developments that have been enacted in European countries related to both bioenergy policy and other renewable energy policies, summarising what has been achieved in various countries and to see if that success, or failure, can be attributed directly to specific policy intervention.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Emissions Measurements and Forecasting A report providing information on air quality, the different types of particulate and gaseous pollutants, sources of their release and negative impacts on human health, as well as an overview on current methods employed in the monitoring and measurement of air pollution in rural areas.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Market Stimulation Model for Reed Canary Grass A report analysing raw material and for reed canary grass in Norsjö municipality and providing information about reed canary grass cultivation established in the coastland of Västerbotten County, the market opportunities and areal potential on a national, regional and local level.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Energy from Wood Biomass- Environmental consideration A report highlighting potential environmental impacts associated with the increased production and use of woody biomass and management of the forest and presents measures taken in the Swedish case study that can help mitigating those impacts.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Bioenergy Tool An assessment tool, specific to woody biomass and reed canary grass, for assessing the viability of bioenergy projects at an early design stage, for users and for producers in the NPP regions of Sweden, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It provides information on availability, costs, calorific values suppliers etc.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Bioenergy Calculator An assessment tool, specific to woody biomass and reed canary grass, that assists users and producers of woody biomass and reed canary grass to assess the cost, payback period and carbon implication of decisions that they might make in association with bioenergy projects.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Carbon Calculator An assessment tool providing a simple means by which to estimate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from switching from a fossil fuel or electricity based energy heating system to a biomass fuelled system. The calculator can be used a standalone product or can be modified for other uses and/or geographical areas.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Life Cycle Assessment Self Analysis Tool Kit An assessment tool allowing users to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with their own biomass heating system. The tool is easy to use although it does require a thorough understanding of many aspects of the supply chain and the technical specification of the heating system.More information see:, http://www.raslres.euTitle: Emissions Brochure Brochure providing information on emissions from biomass combustion. It provides synopses of the carbon cycle to explain CO2 release and conversion by biomass, the relevant combustion plant and ambient air pollutant limits imposed by European legislation, and an outline of relevance, applicability and factors affecting carbon neutral combustion.More information see:,

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