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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  ONGOING 

We have decided to implement this project, because we see the need to familiarize the migrants with our European nations and vice versa. European states have decided to take in a large number of migrants in their lives. The goal is to gradually integrate them into our community. We will analyze problems associated with their integration into the European community and we will propose a partial solution and point out the point of view of do young people, our pupils, from the perspective of different countries.We want to point out the differences in the perception of the world, as such, the different ways in which different European countries look at people that enter Europe, how they perceive the cultural differences and whether they are able to cope with their arrival in a human way or not. We will note the most important needs that the European community should provide for to help incoming migrants. Citizens point out that migrants are changing the face of the cities, in which they come to. We will analyze and deal with the problems that arise in countries that accept migrants from the first moment of their entry to European soil, but also with the refugee camps, where they are already as asylum seekers. The project aims to create simple pictorial booklets, various information leaflets, statistics, a first aid wordbook and a catalogue of diseases, all complemented mainly by pictures. We will create a glossary of "First aid“, where will be the most important phrases that migrants need when arriving. Glossary will be in the language of each partner organization and in Arab. But we will also collect statistical data with specific information, such as, where do migrants go and how many of them, from where, what gender, age, what is their target destination and so on.We will create a brochure, with the content of the tradition of Europeans people. By mutual understanding we want to fight racism and xenophobia and to support not only the European youth but also the older generation in hospitality and understanding of why migrants are coming into our countries. Obviously with the mass arrival of immigrants rise many problems that are created mainly by the fact that migrants have misleading or no information. To make our work useful in praxis, we will create worksheets that will be used for pilot testing. These worksheets will be given to refugees and according to whether they understand them or not, we will continually correct, supplement and only then processed into its final form.Cooperation is needed because for example in Czech Republic we cannot have precise information on how migrants disembark, what their immediate needs and problems are and how the community, which provides the first instant help looks at them, how the customs change or how society adapts to the migration wave. This concerns mainly the Greek islands, but also Athens where migrants are concentrated. Sometimes are more migrants on Greek islands than the original Greek population. The Greeks will record e.g. Our priority is to bring closer these two worlds, nations and help to mutual human understanding via educational processes.

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