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Refugees We'll Come!?
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Refugees We'll Come!?" is a Youth Exchange written by adolescents for adolescents, based on the enriching experience during the "Atlas de Préjugés", another exchange about prejudices. The exchange will unite France, Spain, Turkey and Sweden and it will be realised during two weeks in Barcelona in Spain and in Charbonnières-les-Bains in France. Six adolescents from each country will participate, among them six isolated minors who are economic refugees themselves, to define the term of prejudices, to understand the situation and the crisis of refugees better and to compare the existing prejudices with the real dates. The objective will be to surmount the prejudices by means of logical and structural researches as well as within the context of interactive and artistic activities. Furthermore, the intercultural exchange between the adolescents will permit them to obtain social and civic competences, especially tolerance towards people from different backgrounds and the development of self-confidence.Presentations about the Youthpass and the Erasmus+ program will spread the spirit of mobility among the adolescents.Intercultural breakfasts as well as the intercultural evening will favour the intercultural exchange and stress the European diversity by example of the four participating cultures. Several cultural visits in Barcelona and in Lyon as well as an excursus about French history concerning the French National Day will enrich the participants' knowledge about the French and the Spanish culture. In the context of sports activities in Barcelona, the adolescents will get to know each other, surmounting the language barrier and the cultural differences. By doing eleven interactive workshops, partly organised by professionals (Pierre de Oliveira and Elan Interculturel) the participants will discuss and debate about the topic of the exchange.The visit of a responsible organisation for the refugees in Catalonia, the speech of a professional from Barcelona and a political simulation in the House of Europe of Lyon will make the adolescents get to know the political aspect of the thematic of refugees in Europe. In the context of a theatre activity, the participants will express their obtained knowledge about the prejudices about refugees in a playful and artistic way. By doing interviews with the inhabitants of a quarter of refugees in Barcelona and with isolated minors who are part of the French host establishment, the adolescents will become conscious of the topicality of the project's subject and exchange directly with concerned persons. Interviews with the habitants of Lyon will permit them to understand the public's opinion about the topic.The key activity of "Refugees We'll Come!?" will be the production of a film by filming the general actions of the exchange and the creation of a wall painting directly at the social residence about the topic of the project. The film will be presented in the context of an intercultural meeting with European volunteers, partner associations and the press during the final evening in Lyon.The sport activities are based on a non-formal method which allows the participants to get to know each other, surmounting the language barrier and the cultural differences. The theatre activity, the film production and the creation of the wall painting favour the playful and artistic methodology so that the participants learn to express their opinion about the complex topic of refugees. The debates and discussions between the adolescents will be a permanent motif of our exchange which, permitting them to exchange intensively about their different points of view and to learn from each other.Several moments of reflection will take place regularly so that the adolescents can become conscious of their obtained competences during the exchange. Working in groups will permit an intensive exchange between the participants and strengthen the team spirit and the group dynamic.Finally, interactivity will be a key methodology of this project in the context of numerous get to know games, energisers and workshops about the topic of refugees. "Refugees We'll Come!?" will have a sustainable impact on the partner associations as well as on the target groups:All four participating organisations will improve their working methods in the sector of European mobility promotion towards adolescents. Information about the opportunities for international mobility for adolescents set up by the European Commission will be distributed widely, favouring an intercultural dialogue and permitting the youngsters to go abroad in the context of the Erasmus+ program. The target groups of this exchange, especially European adolescents, will be motivated for the development of European future projects, above all in cooperation with the four participating countries. They will become aware of their European citizenship and their possibilities to contribute to an active and open Europe.
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