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Start date: Dec 31, 2016, End date: Aug 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"REFUGEES BETWEEN ACCEPTANCE AND RESTRICTION: NOT GIVE OURSELVES TO THE FEAR" is a youth exchange that will take place in Greece from 15th to 23th June 2017 with the participation of 42 participants aged 18/30 and 10 leaders from 10 European countries. General objective is to maake participants aware of the problem of refugees and to find out if , after having seen and personally interacted with the refugees without the filter of the media they think that the decision to close borders and keep the refugees in the camps can be accepted in the European Union who put at the base of its constitutive principles and foundational solidarity and respect for human rights or if their integration into European society can be in the future, exceeded the emergency of these days, an opportunity for development, cultural and economic growth .The decision to carry out the activities in Thessaloniki, Greece is due to the fact that this city, next to the Macedonian border, is located in an area where nine refugee camps have been opened in these days , hosting more than 50,000 refugees ( 60% women and children fleeing from situations of conflict and violence) currently blocked in the Greek territory and unable to move due to the closure of borders in this area where are active UNHCR officials, Red Cross workers, men and women of ' International organization for Migration, as well as other local associations working directly with refugees as offering support to families with children that will give us their support to organize activities and visit the refugee camps during the youth exchange. The project also includes a preliminary visit from 17th to 18th March 2017 essential in the context in which they take place the youth exchange. The dates chosen for the implementation of the activities also take into account that June 20th is the International Day for Refugees and during this day was planned a visit in refugees camp of Diavata , Thermi and Lagadas that are located close to Thessaloniki.Specific objectives are:- Focus attention on refugees' problems to uncrease participants' knowledge of European-wide context in claiming refugee rights;- Understand how young people perceive the refugees and the positive and negative aspects of their perception;- Make sure that young people look refugees from a more objective point of view by making them aware of facts about refugees,- Find out what young people can do to help society to accept refugees;- Find out to be more sensitive about this issue and to draw on them the attention of more people;- Promote the project both in Greece and in all the other Countries of the partnership;- Exchange ideas and work together to build a more inclusive society.- Improve the involvement of local communities and intercultural understanding;- Promote the rights of refugees in the light of the results of the project.The objectives of this project are connected to the general objective of the Erasmus + program for the promotion of European values referred to in article 2 of the E.U. Treaty.To achieve the objectives is scheduled the active participation of partners and young people in all phases of the project and the use of participatory and non-formal learning methodologies.One of most important expected result is a strong impact in the communities of origin of participants in which young people daily relate themselves with foreigners (refugees or migrants) in the family, at school, in the streets, at work, etc , overcoming the sense of fear they can feel as a result of the lack of a real integration process.
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